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Glass Clocks

Engraved Glass Clocks

Glass Clocks are among the best selling and most appreciated Employee Recognition Awards. Our large and growing collection of Engraved Glass Clocks include clocks in many different shapes, sizes and ones for each and every budget consideration. Browse our selection and then check out our other Engraved Clocks which include Engraved Marble Clocks and World Clocks.
Rectangle Shape Glass Desk Clock
Jade Glass Arch Clock with Gold Face
Elegant Jade Design Clock
Engraved Jade Design Clock
$150.10 Item# 28099
Beveled Glass Desktop Clock
Beveled Glass Desktop Clock
$80.25 Item# 64980
Glass Clock/Pen Biz Card Holder
Captain's Timepiece
Are Glass Pendulum Clock with White Dial
Large Jade Glass Quartz Clock
Glass Award with Rosewood Piano Finish Base
Clipped Corners Clear Glass Clock with Black Base
Jade Glass Column Clock
Deluxe Jade Glass Column Clock
$208.45 Item# 62143
Arched Clock with Glass Upright and Rosewood post and Base
Black Wood and Glass Desktop Clock
6 1/4 inch Black Glass Arch Clock with Base
Contemporary Styled Large Glass Clock with Silver Skeleton Movement
Curved Top Beveled Silvertone Clock
7.5" Jade Glass Clock with Base
Glass and Rosewood Piano Finish Clock
Glass Clock with World Dial on Black Base
Black and Blue Glass Clock
Black and Blue Glass Clock
$37.95 Item# 64421

Glass Clocks with Silver Accents

Glass and metal are two materials that go well together. In design, a mix of materials is aesthetically pleasing and these Glass Clocks designed with silver accents strike just the right look for recognition gifts. The silver accents vary from model to model but they are mostly the clock base, top, or side columns or pillars.

Glass Clocks featuring Columns & Pillar Designs

Glass Clocks with Arch Design

Stunning curves are the model for these Arch Shape Glass Clocks with Gifts for Professionals. Choose these timepieces as a glass desk accessory for yourself simply because you love the shape or go with one of these glass clocks as an engraved award for your employees.

Vertical Rectangle Glass Clocks

Engraved clocks that are tall and feature more height than width are part of our Vertical Clock Collection. Some variations on sizes and styles but they are all tall and are a perfect match for companies who want to engrave a logo thats also a vertical orientation.

Round Glass Clocks

Upright Round Clocks or flat circle shape timepiece designs are another choice in our collection of Engraved Glass Clocks for employee recognition. For years clear glass clocks have been the staple and that remains so. However, we're proud to offer some brightly colored glass clocks in this category this year!

Engraved Analog Glass Clock In Stock

$34.85 Item# 29081


Glass Clocks with Brass Accents

Glass & Brass! Not only does it rhyme, but both materials compliment each other that results in a timepiece that is more than the sum of its parts. Engrave these glass clocks that feature a brass base or brass side rails and your employee recognition award recipient will be motivated and inspired.

Smoked Glass Clocks

Smoked Glass Clocks have been manufactured with darkening materials to reduce the amount of light that passes throughout the glass. The results are visually stunning as darkened glass has a more refined look. Go with a Smoked Glass Clock for employee recognition for something a little different than the traditional award clock.

Golf Theme Glass Clocks

Our Glass Clocks designed in the shape of golf balls, clubs or golf carts. We also feature a few glass clock designs that feature metal alloy or pewter golf emblems. [Golf Clocks]

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