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Social Worker Gifts & Recognition Awards

Social workers have a demanding job. Why not show your appreciation with one of our Social Worker Gift Ideas. If you have an employee who's a social worker, then by all means, take the time and effort to do a little "Employee Recognition." But perhaps, you just have a friend who's a hard working social worker... either way, we're glad to offer these wonderful suggestions!

Social Worker Gift Mug In Stock

$12.00 Item# 39456

This Social Worker Mug reads "Happy to be a 100% qualified, attentive, listening, life enhancing, friendly, caring Social Worker." This mug is one of our many professional occupation mugs that honor the hard work and dedication hard working Americans.

This Social Worker Mug is our best selling social worker gift.

Social Worker Lavender Business Card Case In Stock

$13.50 Item# 56035


Finding Social Worker Gifts can be quite a task. Years ago, at Gifts for Professionals, we made a commitment to always have an ample supply of thoughtful gift ideas for this important job. Social workers help people and they help our community. If you know someone in this profession, we recommend this beautiful business card case on the next special occasion.

Business Card Cases

Social Worker Orange Business Card Case In Stock

$13.50 Item# 57436


Inexpensive business card cases can be given as Social Worker Graduation Gifts. Stainless steel case features the phrase "Social Workers Touch Heart and Hands."

Social Worker B&W Business Card Case In Stock

$12.95 Item# 59742


A social worker is dedicated, unwavering, committed and passionate about helping people! Countless people today have better lives due to the hard work of social workers.

Say thank you for a job well done to a social worker you know with this red, black and white design card case made of stainless steel. The expression on the business card case reads "Social Workers Touch Hearts & Hands."

Artistic Social Worker Hand Touching Hand Sculpture In Stock

$75.10 Item# 59485


Anyone working in the social field touches other people. Social workers help people in difficult circumstances get through those challenges. That's why this is one of our most touching Social Worker Gift Ideas. This artistic award features two hands touching and is a great appreciation gift idea.

Touching Hands Award Plaque In Stock

$39.95 Item# 66133


An award offering a more affordable alternative to our Artistic Social Worker Touching Hands Award, this beautiful sublimation plaque features the same artistic touching hands on a plaque.

Heart In Your Hands Crystal Volunteer Award

$79.95 Item# 70091


Social Worker Gifts don't get any better than this! Come on, it's time to share your heart with our most caring design ever!

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