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Librarian Gifts

Gifts for Professionals brings you the best Librarian Gift Ideas. For someone who loves reading books, we have a great selection of gifts. Also see our bookends and bookmarks!

Marble Clock Open Book Award - Medium In Stock

$124.40 Item# 55538


Are there better librarian gifts than those designed in the shape of a book? This book award is crafted from the finest marble -- and therefore the most luxurious engraved awards you can choose for the librarian.

Open Book Rosewood Clock and Frame In Stock

$95.60 Item# 56403


This great open book is just that... a book style clock featuring an area for a picture on the right and a clock with an engraving plate on the left. Book measures 7" when wide open and fits a 3" x 5" picture (a plate can be substituted for this picture for a second engraving fee). Measuring 5.5" H and is ready to as a librarian gift idea.

Open Book Clock with Silver Skeleton Clock In Stock

$106.25 Item# 65443


It's time to thank those who make a difference in the work of your annual book sale for charity. It's time to honor those retiring from the library. It's time to help those write the next chapter of their lives... it's time for this Open Book Clock featuring silver trim and a silver skeleton clock.

A change from the ever-popular Open Book Clock featuring gold trim, this silver trimmed version features the same beautiful rosewood and ample space for engraving as well as a skeleton clock that actually gives you a front and a back to see the movements of the clock.

An Open Book Award

$78.95 Item# 71244


Open Book Crystal Award

$126.90 Item# 64086


This handsome Standing Crystal Open Book Award is a wonderful retirement gift for the retiring librarian is also perfect laying flat as well. It stands up or also looks good laying flat on a desk or table.

Dimensions: 7.0"W 4.0"H

Deluxe Large Open Book Clock

$138.00 Item# 59520


Suitable to give as a Librarian of the Year Award, this open book clock allows room for a 5x7 photograph. It is made of hand-rubbed rich mahogany finish with a beautiful gold face quartz clock with second hand. Your search for occupation specific librarian gift ideas is complete here at Gifts for Professionals. This award closes, just like a book, and opens to express a volume of well wishes and thanks!

Jade Glass Open Book Award

$51.00 Item# 64409


Several of our librarian gifts are in the shape of a book. Reading is what its all about and promoting the love of books goes even further when the librarian can display their achievement award right in the library! This open book award is made of jade glass and stands 5.88" high.

Reading Lapel Pin

$3.20 Item# 70984

Marble Open Book Clock Award - Small

$63.15 Item# 64479


There is no finer unique piece. Many librarian gifts are very ordinary, but our collection features decorative designs you will not find anywhere else. This small marble open book is unique because the streaks of white are different on every piece.

Book Bindings Set of Four Marble Coasters

$46.00 Item# 63286

Staring at this coaster set may lead you to think you're walking between an aisle of books at the library. These four decorative tile coasters each have a different set of library books pictured on the top.

Classic Bindings Set of Four Marble Coaster Set

$46.00 Item# 63287

The bindings of some of the classic books of all time are featured on this set of four marble decorative tile coasters. Such great works as "Anthony & Cleopatra," "Othello," "King Henry VIII," and "The Merchant of Venice" are depicted on these coasters. Do librarian gifts get any better?

Writer's Coaster Set

$46.00 Item# 65853

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