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Chiropractor Gifts

Chiropractor gifts, desk accessories and office decor featuring the chiropractic emblem. This emblem is available on a variety of card holders, clocks and other decorative items for your practice.

Chiropractor Business Card Case In Stock

$16.15 Item# 62946


This exclusive Chiropractor Gift Idea features that always recognizable chiropractor symbol in either a gold toned pewter emblem or a silver tone pewter emblem atop the silver card case. This card case holds about 20 business cards as well as the heartfelt thanks of your grateful chiropractor.

Personalized Card Cases

Chiropractor Oval Brass Key Ring In Stock

$10.30 Item# 63117


This gold tone oval keychain is a chiropractor gift idea for the professional who helps those muscles get relaxed, those kinks in the neck get better and those joints stop that aching. Ready to be personalized.

Chiropractor Key Ring In Stock

$13.35 Item# 62953


Another of our oval keychains with the option of contrast. This keychain oval is silver tone and you can choose either a gold or silver chiropractic emblem to adorn the front. The backside is blank and ready to become a personalized chiropractor gift with engraving.

Chiropractor Cube Paperweight In Stock

$18.80 Item# 63655


Chiropractors can certainly turn those tense muscles whole again with the healing touch and the skilled hands necessary to choose such a profession. For those who often thought surgery was the only answer, this professional becomes a certain life-saver and a friend to be trusted for body and soul. That's why you might want to give that special healer a small token of appreciation for the work he or she is doing to assure your muscles are in shape and your ills are a thing of the past. This paperweight cube is an ideal chiropractor gift.

Personalized Paperweights

Bone Shaped Ballpoint Pen In Stock

$6.60 Item# 40094

No bones about it, this fun gag gift idea is sure to have the orthopedic surgeon or dedicated chiropractor feel his funny bone tickling! A great chiropractor gift idea but also appropriate for the medical student or orthopedic professional.

Gold Chiropractor Key Ring In Stock

$10.80 Item# 63028


People are always looking for inexpensive gift ideas. But a low price point doesn't necessitate that a lot of heart and soul cannot go into a gift for the chiropractor. A keychain is a practical daily tool everyone needs and this round gold ring (since it can be engraved on the reverse site) is ready to become a chiropractor gift idea for your favorite practitioner

Chiropractor White Round Marble Paperweight In Stock

$13.50 Item# 62987


A desk gift for the Chiropractor who relieves stress and back pain in others. This Chiropractic Paperweight is a way to say thanks to the Dr. who makes you feel so much better!

Marble Paperweights

Amber Marble Pen Stand for Chiropractor In Stock

$33.40 Item# 63021


A chiropractor gift idea thats perfect to display at the front desk where patients sign in to be treated. The elegant pen stand features a rich deep amber marble with a gold chiropractic insignia. Each marble desk accessory features its own lines, design and pattern created by nature itself. Every piece is unique.

Desk Pen Stands

Chiropractic Mahogany Gift Clock In Stock

$57.60 Item# 62969


A rich mahogany arch clock is one of our top of the line chiropractor gift ideas.

Engraved Clocks

Chiropractor Round Black Marble Trinket Box

$33.60 Item# 62963


If you are looking for a chiropractor gift idea for decorating an office, look no further. Here's a desktop storage box designed in black marble with the chiropractic professional insignia.

The Most Unique Chiropractor Gift Ideas

These desk accessories, office decor and key rings are unique and exclusive to our catalog. You won't find them anywhere else!

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