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Gavel Plaques

Gavel Plaques

When honoring an outgoing president or chairman of the board, why not consider a Gavel Plaque? An excellent way to say thank you, a gavel plaque is a special way to assure your recipient knows it was a job well done!
Gavel Rosewood Plaque
Rosewood Gavel with Sound Plate Plaque
Black Piano Finish Gavel Plaque
Gavel Theme Judicial Award Plaque
Gold Gavel Plaque
Gold Gavel Plaque
$118.95 Item# 63009
Rosewood Piano Finish Gavel Plaque
Walnut Finish Gavel Plaque - 9" x 12"

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Coaster with Gavel Medallion Insert In Stock

$17.00 Item# 56025

Full Lead Crystal Gavel Award with Black Glass Base

$152.00 Item# 59853


One of our most beautiful crystal awards we offer is this Full Lead Crystal Gavel attached to the Black Smokey Glass Base. Elegant and sophisticated are two words that come to mind when admiring this employee recognition award. The engraving space offered on this gavel leaves ample room for thanking the outgoing president or welcoming a new chief of staff!

Crystal Gavel Award

$292.50 Item# 30186


This crystal gavel measures 10" long and fits comfortably on an 11" base with a gavel well to assure the gavel stands up firmly in place. Choose personalized gavels as a perfect retirement gift idea for the judge leaving the bench or as a gift idea for the new club president.

Recognition Gift Occasions for the Gavel Plaque

A gavel plaque is a very specific type of "theme" professional gift primarily for judges, lawyers or anyone who presides over committee meetings or annual stockholder meetings.

Here are a few examples of recipients that a Gavel Plaque would be perfect for;

  • County Judge

  • Homeowner's Association President

  • Chairman of the Board

  • State Supreme Court Justice

For someone celebrating a newly appointed position or a retiring judge, one of our gavel plaques is ideal.

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