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Gavel Plaques

Gavel Plaques

When honoring an outgoing president or chairman of the board, why not consider a Gavel Plaque? An excellent way to say thank you, a gavel plaque is a special way to assure your recipient knows it was a job well done!
Rosewood Pianot Finish Gavel Plaque
Gold Gavel Plaque
Gold Gavel Plaque
$103.55 Item# 63009
Gavel Rosewood Plaque
Rosewood Gavel with Sound Plate Plaque
Gavel Theme Judicial Award Plaque
Walnut Finish Gavel Plaque - 9" x 12"

Recognition Gift Occasions for the Gavel Plaque

A gavel plaque is a very specific type of "theme" professional gift primarily for judges, lawyers or anyone who presides over committee meetings or annual stockholder meetings.

Here are a few examples of recipients that a Gavel Plaque would be perfect for;

  • County Judge

  • Homeowner's Association President

  • Chairman of the Board

  • State Supreme Court Justice

For someone celebrating a newly appointed position or a retiring judge, one of our gavel plaques is ideal.

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