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Gag Gift Ideas

Gifts for Professionals knows that too much seriousness at the office can be a drag. That's why we've collected some funny gag gifts for you to share with your friends and co-workers! See all of our gift ideas for every occasion!
Puff Cigarette
Cigarette Pen Gag Gift
Cigarette Pen Gag Gift
$3.00 Item# 48054
Brightly Colored Over the Hill Coffee Mug
Sexy Senior Citizen Whistle
Fish Pen Gag Gift
Fish Pen Gag Gift
$5.20 Item# 48085
Orange Clown Fish Stapler
Orange Clown Fish Stapler
$6.00 Item# 27620
Successful Journal
Aladdin's Lamp Make A Wish Paperweight
Funny Frog Tape Dispenser
Funny Frog Tape Dispenser
$30.00 Item# 44258
Frog Earrings
Leaping Frog Lover Earrings
$9.99 Item# 47994
I Try to Take One Day at a Time Bookmark
Knight in Shining Armour Balance Toy - Gag Gift for Singles!
While You Were... Funny Note Pad
Corporate Flashcards
No Smoking Silk Tie
Funny Man Tape Dispenser
Funny Man Tape Dispenser
$28.00 Item# 48207
Giant Oversized Black Calculator
Giant Oversized Calculator
$16.80 Item# 28915
Over the Hill Toilet Paper
Black Sheep of the Family Tie
Coffee Novelty Tie
Coffee Addict's Men's Necktie
$22.50 Item# 53811

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