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Funny Card Cases

These funny card cases will bring a smile to your face. Whether you just love to laugh and want to make others lighten up a little -- or if you are searching for great gag gift ideas -- then these funny business card cases are just what you want!

Coffee Lover Business Card Case In Stock

$12.95 Item# 60116


Do you know someone who just doesn't have anything to say in the morning until after at least two cups of coffee? Do you have a friend who, if they bled, would bled brown since she drinks so much coffee? What about the co-worker who brings those fancy coffee store cups to work every day but complains about how much gas costs? Gifts for Professionals knows a few of these addicts to and their "drug of choice" is coffee! This funny card case reads "Coffee is Not A Drug, It is a Vitamin"

Wine Lover's Funny Card Case In Stock

$12.40 Item# 60181


Who doesn't love a good glass of wine with a great friend? Who hasn't made a friend or two over a good glass of wine? For those who know that friends and wine go together like wine and cheese, Gifts for Professionals offers this adorable and colorful A Friend With Wine is A Friend of Mine Business Card Case. A rich blue card case with other bright colors, it features as many colors as flavors of wine!

Born to Shop, Forced to Work Funny Card Case In Stock

$9.95 Item# 61285


Let your business card case be a part of your personality: silly, funny and colorful and Gifts for Professionals is sure to assist you in making sure that even though you are at work, you are making money for that next shopping spree! And it can't get much better than that! This Born to Shop, Force to Work Business Card Case is sure to bring a smile to your face even if you are at the office!

Cinderella Is Proof Funny Shoe Lover's Card Case In Stock

$9.95 Item# 60433


Do you know of someone who adores shoes and certainly spends too much money on them? Perhaps you are the shoe diva who knows a good pair of shoes can make for a good day. For a shoe lover, let's face it, the outfit starts from the ground up! This funny card case reads: "Cinderella is Proof A Good Pair of Shoes Can Change Your Life."

Funny Business Card Case - Man Drove Me to Drink In Stock

$9.95 Item# 61289


Take a drink and take a moment to cheer the men in your life that, for whatever reason, taught you to drink! This funny A Man Drove Me to Drive Funny Business Card Case features a Martini and a Manhattan and the colorful cheerful words "A Man drove me to drink... and, to think, I never even thanked him."

This tongue-in-cheek look at the complications involved in relationships and how a good drink cures everything makes a funny business card case perfect for the woman who loves men but doesn't always have the best of luck with them!

I Could Rule the World Purple Business Card Case In Stock

$9.95 Item# 60354


Have you ever seen a better collection of funny card cases? This one shows your true goal -- to rule the world! I Could Rule the World If My Taste In Men Was As Good as My Taste In Clothes is a funny card case that features a cynical woman's sentiment when she just can't find a great man... even on the bargain racks! A funny gift idea for the girlfriend who always picks the worst men or a silly gift for the co-worker who dresses so well she scares the men away!

If You Obey All the Rules, You Miss All the Fun Card Case In Stock

$9.95 Item# 59765


Okay, it's not just limited to women but this funny card case assures that the rule breaking, stand up for herself, don't take any guff kind of gal knows the message is clear.... rules are for the faint-hearted! This beautiful black designer card case features the classic quote in purple letters "If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun!"

Keep the Frog, The Prince Turns Into A Rat Funny Card Case In Stock

$9.95 Item# 59757


How about some sound advice for every woman looking for her prince charming? This funny card case might not sound much like a fairy tale but the sound advice is sure to make the recipient laugh! Hand crafted and made of a metal card case, this funny Keep the Frog The Prince Turns Into A Rat Anyway Funny Women's Card Case is sure to make the fairy tale ending be a funny ending even if the frog still ends up a frog and the beautiful princess avoids the rat! A great gift for the girl friend who has just broken up with another "Prince Charming," this card case features a green frog on one side and the funny silly message on the other. The story might not make the best happily ever after ending but the gift sure will!

Gag Gifts for the Office

Our Funny Business Card Cases have funny phrases, cute sayings or adorable and humorous scenes as part of the business card case design. A funny card case is a gag gift for the office. It's the way to go when you don't want to give a boring "corporate gift" like a clock. Instead you want to make your co-worker laugh! The Funny Card Cases will surely do the trick!

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