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Football Desk Accessories

Decorate the office with what really matters -- football! Sure, it's important to excel at your work and make the boss happy. But you can enjoy working more when your true passion is in plain site. Our Football Desk Accessories will spark many conversations with coworkers and other visitors to your office.

Football Style Sports Piggy Bank In Stock

$18.00 Item# 54345

It can go on a desk or on a bookcase. It looks great on any table because its designed in the shape of a football. This 8.5" wide ceramic football will also help you save up a few extra dollars to buy tickets to the big game! Are you ready to go to the Super Bowl?

Pewter Football Sports Piggy Bank In Stock

$25.85 Item# 30778


Football desk accessories come in all different materials and colors. This piggy bank is made of pewter and has that familiar silver tone color that pewter is famous for. Perhaps the color of silver is more appropriate for a piggy bank than any other color!

Fun Piggy Banks

Football Fan Fun Magnetic Sculpture

$17.90 Item# 65928


Here's a fun desk toy for the young professional in his 20's just starting out in the workforce. He's got his own cubicle or maybe his own private office if he's lucky and he needs to decorate it with items that reflect his personality. Give him this great football gift -- a magnetic sculpture of two opposing teams facing off on the field.

Crystal Football Pen Stand

$57.65 Item# 60725


Go into most offices and the items on the desktop are nothing special. Learning to decorate with just a few beautiful desk accessories is a way for the up and coming professional male to stand out to his supervisors and colleagues. This Crystal Pen Stand features a stunning football on rectangular base which allows for engraving of the executive's name. One of our best Football Desk Accessories currently available.

Personalized Pen Stands

Football Magnetic Sculpture Block

$16.80 Item# 30386


Magnetic desk toys are fascinating way to help someone pass time while they are sitting in front of your desk while you are wrapping up a conference call. They can play with it while you go down the hall to make a photocopy. Or, you can use it while you're on one of those long corporate phone calls. Add a little fun to your office with this magnetic desk accessory toy.

Magnetic Desk Toys

Corporate Desk Accessories

Top of the line items for accomplishing your daily goals while sitting behind the desk are available in our Corporate Desk Accessories Collection. Materials these clocks, letter openers and magnifiers are made from include crystal, glass and leather.

Occupation Gifts

Personalized gifts for dozens of professions are available in our Occupation Gift Catalog. Some of the most popular engraved giftware items to purchase are doctor, lawyer and police officer gifts.

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