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Engraved Flasks

Gifts for Professionals brings you the best Flask collection for you to select as a great groomsmen gift idea or for you to add to your barware collection! The engraved flask is an excellent groomsmen gift idea. Shop for flasks and more barware including engraved beer glasses and engraved ice buckets.

Collegiate Flasks

Collegiate Flasks

Collegiate themed engraved flasks are gifts for college students, faculty and alumni who love their school and want to show team spirit at games and in their home barware collection.

Dog Breed Flasks

Dog Breed Flasks

Engraved flasks with a variety of dog breed emblems including the Basset Hound, Beagle, Boston Terrier, Boxer, Bulldog, Chihuahua, Cocker Spaniel, Corgi, Dachshund, Doberman Pinscher, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Great Dane, Greyhound, Jack Russel Terrier and Labrador Retriever.

Military Flasks

Military Flasks

Military themed engraved flasks for all branches of the US Armed Forcers including Marine Corps, Army, USAF, Navy and Coast Guard.

Wildlife Flasks

Wildlife Flasks

This largest selection of wildlife theme engraved flasks including those adorned with the image of the Antelope, Bass, Bighorn Sheep, Black Bear, Bobwhite Quail, Buffalo, Caribou, Dolphin, Elephant, Elk, Eagles, Leopard, Moose, Mountain Goat, Mountain Lion, Mule Deer, Pheasant, Horse, Rhino, Turkey, Wolves, and many more.

Stainless Steel Engravable Flask In Stock

$10.85 Item# 62440


Flasks have been around for centuries and the on the go idea of adding a touch of spirits to your drink are just as valuable today as it was decades ago... especially with the price of a drink at venues! That's why this great engraved flask (also includes a funnel for easy pouring) is a wonderful way to say "Cheers" anywhere!

Flasks for Groomsmen. High quality stainless steel flasks have long been a choice for men to engrave and personalize for their groomsmen. Engraving the groomsman name and wedding date is standard but we can also inscribe a custom message to commemorate that special day! Decades from now, this engraved flask will still retain its shine and it will also retain the memories of a very special day. To be chosen by a groom to be in the wedding party shows a close male friendship or familial relationship that is more than friends. Put this on your idea list if you are a future groom and if you ever end up in a wedding party and receive an engraved flask like this, know that the groom holds you in very high esteem.

Fire Fighter Flask In Stock

$41.60 Item# 62256


In this day and age, there are more ways than ever to say you value your relationship with others. Friends, family, co-workers can all be given a personalized momento to express your feelings. For firefighters, one of our engraved flasks is sure to be appreciated and probably this one more than all of the others. When he's not sliding down the pole and racing to put out fires, your favorite firefighter could be enjoying using this flask on the go!

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Caduceus Medical Theme Flask In Stock

$40.35 Item# 39272


Most people would not think of a flask or any barware accessory as a doctor's gift. Most doctor gifts are for the office. Now, it all changes with the Stainless Steel Flask with Caduceus Emblem.

Police Officer Badge Flask In Stock

$39.05 Item# 61756


When officers are "off-duty," they need to relax. After all, they have one of the most stressful and dangerous jobs in the world. As one of our occupation theme engraved flasks, we think they will love receiving this as a gift. Most of our personalized gifts only have room for a name. But this flask has enough room for three line of engraving!

Scales of Justice Lawyer Flask In Stock

$40.35 Item# 39312


Gifts for Professionals invites you to take a closer look at this perfect Stainless Steel Lawyer Flask! Here's a gift idea for the lawyer who isn't just all business.

Alaska Flask

$37.80 Item# 60894


This Alaska Flask celebrates the 49th State with the outline of the state's borders designed as a Pewter Emblem. Take this engraved flask with you on your outdoor excursions in Alaska including nature walks, bear watching, bird watching, fishing or hunting trips.

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Cowboy Boot Flask

$37.80 Item# 62248


For the cowboy boot wearing outdoorsman, this stainless steel flask provides an accessory that matches the personality of the man. This is just one of many of our engraved flasks with a western theme.

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Cowboy Hat Flask

$37.80 Item# 62249


The cowboy hat and lasso hanging on a fence post are captured in pewter on the front of this engraved flask.

Golfer Flask with Color

$39.05 Item# 62261


Several years ago we introduced color to our pewter emblems. Once of the most popular of those emblems was this golf scene which includes both blue and green. Less than half of our engraved flasks are highlighted with color and this one stands out as one of the most popular.

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Grand Ole Party - Republican Flask

$37.80 Item# 62293


We launched our political theme engraved flasks a few years ago, but in 2016, we can all use a drink out of either our Republican "Grand Ole Party" flask or we also offer one for Democrats too. Whoever you are voting for, we all need a drink in this crazy election cycle!

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Mardi Gras Mask Flask

$37.80 Item# 62270


Mardi Gras is also known as Shrove Tuesday or Fat Tuesday. Whatever you call it, this "Mardi Gras Mask" adorned flask might just be the perfect companion to take with your to the Mardi Gras Parade and enjoy your favorite spirits!

Motorcycle Flask

$37.80 Item# 62277


Vroom, Vroom, Vroom! For the rider that was "born to ride," this is the only one of our engraved flasks they will truly fall in love with. A birthday gift like no other!

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Palm Tree Flask

$37.80 Item# 62285


Many locales on the map feature palm trees. From Palm Springs, California to Palm Beach, Florida (and many places in between), palm trees make us think of relaxing warm weather and a relaxing time. This 8 ounce flask is adorned with a pair of palm trees.

Pineapple Flask

$37.80 Item# 62287


Pineapple theme gifts are synonymous with a couple of themes -- the hospitality industry and the state of Hawaii.

Proud to Be a Democrat Flask

$37.80 Item# 62250


For democrats proud of the 2 terms of President Barack Obama, this flask is an ideal gift. Perhaps given as a thank you gift to campaign volunteers or county chairman, it's a ready to be engraved flask that says thank you in a very democratic way.

Skier Flask

$37.80 Item# 62297


A snow skier will enjoy having this flask at the mountain lodge or in their cabin. After a long day of skiing at breakneck speeds, its time to relax and a flask with an adult beverage inside is a great way to wind down.

Texas Flask

$37.80 Item# 62302


The Lone Star State is no other. You would be hard-pressed to find another state with as much pride. This engraved flask made of stainless steel can be personalized with the state motto or the name of your favorite person for a special celebration.

State of Texas Gifts

Texas State Flag Flask

$39.05 Item# 62301


Did you know that the colors on the Texas State Flag each represent a worthy trait? The blue on the Texas Flag stands for loyalty. The white stands for purity and the red for bravery. The colors of the flag are adorned on this engraved flask with pewter emblem.

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