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Firefighter Clocks Personalized

Personalized Firefighter Clocks are unique appreciation gifts for the professional who risks his life to safe families, pets and property. These firefighter clocks come in silver and in the shape of fire engines and hydrants and also beautifully rich mahogany wood.

Mahogany Clock with Fire Helmet In Stock

$57.00 Item# 62974


This Mahogany Firefighter Clock features a gold plate for engraving along with a Fire Helmet Emblem. If you have been looking for unique firefighter gifts you won't find anywhere else, this exclusive timepiece award is a 4-alarm winner!

Firefighter Hydrant Clock with Fire Fighting Tools

$54.00 Item# 39288


You can see our Firefighter Clocks are all very different. This is a silver desk accessory that features many of the firefighting tools such as a ladder, axe, fire extinguisher, helmet and a fire hydrant with built in clock.

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