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Personalized Fanny Packs

Personalized Fanny Packs

Gifts for Professionals has the best travel accessories. If you are going to be traveling for leisure and plan to walk around to see the highlights.... then a fanny pack is a necessity.
Harness Cowhide Leather Large Fanny Pack
Micro Fiber Fanny Pack with Removable Waist Strap
Full Grain Leather Fanny Pack / Waist Bag
Top Grain Leather Fanny Pack
Top Grain Leather Fanny Pack
$64.00 Item# 42930
Traveler's Waist Bag

What Do You Store in a Fanny Pack?

Our customers have told us over the years their favorite travel accessories and personal items they store in their fanny packs and waist bags. Here's an idea of the things you could store in one of our popular Fanny Packs.

  • Money

  • Loose Change

  • Eye Glasses

  • Drivers License or Other ID

  • Hotel Keys

  • Mobile Phone

  • Small Camera

How Do You Make a Personalized Fanny Pack?

Most people know that leather or microfiber cannot be engraved. Leather & Microfiber are the two materials from which most of our fanny packs are manufactured. So the question frequently arises -- how do you personalize these travel accessories?

Personalized Fanny Packs undergo a process referred to as either "hot stamping" or "debossing." This leaves a recessed impression of a first and last name, a set of initials, a company name or even a logo.

Color Foil Options for Personalization

You've already learned how waist bags and fanny packs are personalized. There is one other option available when we are making the impression into the leather -- color foil. Our imprint team can place a sheet of colored foil between the Fanny Pack and the metal plates that make the impression. The result is after the imprint is complete, the Fanny Pack will have the impression in color. Several color choices are available. Our customer service department can tell you more about Foil Color Imprinting if you wish something a more distinctive than "blind debossing."

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