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Faith Lapel Pins

Christian Faith Lapel Pins

From the blessings of the Holy Spirit to the protection of the "Armor of God," Gifts for Professionals is proud to offer a small but growing selection of Faith Lapel Pins allowing the wearer to spread their faith message without saying a word. A popular choice among churches and youth groups wanting to promote a Christian message, Gifts for Professionals offers discounts on quantity purchases or simply order just one... the choice is up to you.
Gold Cross Lapel Pin
Gold Cross Lapel Pin
$5.00 Item# 64498
Open Gold Dove Christian Lapel Pin
Open Silver Dove Christian Lapel Pin
Trinity Dove Christian Lapel Pin
Peace Dove Christian Lapel Pin
White Dove Christian Lapel Pin
White Dove Lapel Pin
$3.55 Item# 61355
Red Dove on White Cross Christian Lapel Pin
Celtic Cross Lapel Pin
Irish Blessing Lapel Pin
Usher Lapel Pin
Usher Lapel Pin
$3.95 Item# 71157
Armor of God Lapel Pin
Armor of God Lapel Pin
$4.90 Item# 69859

About Faith Lapel Pins

Grow in faith, spread the gospel message and share in the good news that Faith Lapel Pins offer not just faith but hope and love as well. And, remember, if you don't see it, that doesn't mean we don't have it. Gifts for Professionals continues to add to our specialized line of lapel pins or is ready to custom make one for you that shares your own church, organization, or non-profit group message. Contact us for more details... have faith, Gifts for Professionals is here to help!

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