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Occupation Card Cases

Occupation Business Card Cases

Gifts for Professionals salutes the hard working men and women of the USA working in more than 100 professions. We have a variety of occupation gifts including occupation mugs and occupation drink coasters. But here we showcase our unique occupation business card cases.
Love to Travel Business Card Case
Scales of Justice Business Card Case
Scales of Justice Card Case
Lawyer's Pen Stand and Card Case Scales of Justice Desk Set

Army Card Cases

Army Officers and the enlisted now have custom business card cases. The Army Corporate, Captain, Major, Colonel or General can all have their name and rank engraved on the inside top cover of these business card cases.

Army Business Card Case In Stock

$27.55 Item# 61893


Brown Camoflauge Business Card Case In Stock

$13.50 Item# 59464

Dentist Card Cases

An exclusive professional card case design is now available at Gifts for Professionals. These card cases feature the Dental Insignia in both gold or silver.

Dental Insignia Business Card Case In Stock

$13.70 Item# 61602


Gifts for Professionals is proud to offer corporate gifts for nearly 100 professionals. Dental Gifts has been a growing demand from our customers and we've always had a nice, but small collection of gifts for the dentist and those in the dental profession.

Now, we've committed ourself to greatly expand our selection of Dentist Gifts and our newest one is this Stainless Steel Business Card Case with Dental Insignia.

Fire Fighter Card Cases

Fire fighters show bravery by not only choosing their profession but each time they report to the fire house. They never know what they will be called to do or who they will be called to rescue from fire. Give the fireman you know one of these occupation card cases that show you care.

Fire Fighter Business Card Case In Stock

$22.40 Item# 61953


Pharmacist Card Cases

Pharmacists are accustomed to dispensing pills into bottles. Now, they can dispense their business card from these pharmacist theme card cases.

Police Officer Card Cases

Every police officer takes an oath to protect and serve. You can recognize an officer in your city or county when you give them ones of these Police Officer card cases. Say thank you to a public servant and make their day!

Realtor Card Cases

A realtor can never have enough leads and prospects! Pass out your real estate business cards at social gatherings and house warming parties for your past clients from a card cases that promotes you just as much as the business card!

Social Worker Card Cases

Give praise and recognition to a social worker on their next birthday or at Christmas! Social workers love helping others but they also love it when you recognize their profession. Giving one of these personalized social worker business card cases does just that!

Social Worker Lavender Business Card Case In Stock

$13.50 Item# 56035


Finding Social Worker Gifts can be quite a task. Years ago, at Gifts for Professionals, we made a commitment to always have an ample supply of thoughtful gift ideas for this important job. Social workers help people and they help our community. If you know someone in this profession, we recommend this beautiful business card case on the next special occasion.

Business Card Cases

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