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Engraved Metal Keychains

These Engraved Metal Keychains are the perfect personalized gift for your co-workers, friends and family. Great for all gift giving occasions!

Beach Lover's Flip Flop Key Ring In Stock

$12.95 Item# 66121


Oval Lady Justice Key Ring In Stock

$9.40 Item# 65064


Bell Metal Holiday Keychain In Stock

$7.25 Item# 43074


Scales of Justice Metal Keychain In Stock

$11.90 Item# 59733


Personalized Silver Keyring In Stock

$8.05 Item# 62110


Oval Spinning Key Ring In Stock

$8.00 Item# 39780


Safety Key Ring In Stock

$18.10 Item# 52056


Gold Round Key Ring In Stock

$10.15 Item# 61594


Gold Bar Key Ring In Stock

$10.05 Item# 58803


Handyman Saw Keychain In Stock

$7.80 Item# 69473

Personalized Brass "#1" Keychain In Stock

$7.45 Item# 43468


Golfer's Golf Ball Key Ring In Stock

$7.80 Item# 64629


Personalized Piano Shape Keyring In Stock

$7.00 Item# 60637


Learning to read and play music at a young age is challenging but brings a lifetime of joy. After the music student has been practicing and preparing for a couple of years, it's time for the piano recital. A personalized metal keychain like this one will be just the present to give after the performance!

Piano Recital Gifts

Metal Keychains Are Easily Engraved

It is so easy for us to engrave one of these metal keychains for you. Pick one out for yourself and one for a friend or co-worker. Keychains are very inexpensive corporate gifts and making them a personalized item makes it extra special!

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