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Golf Clocks

The leader for engraved clocks remains Gifts for Professionals. As we move into our second decade of providing the best golf desk accessories, we remind you to have fun decorating you office with these golf clocks. All of them are shaped like a golf balls, golf cart, golf club, tees or other golf themes!

Crystal Golf Clock Award on Black Base In Stock

$69.65 Item# 62676


Take a closer look at this very beautiful Golf Desk Clock Award. Without any engraving, its a simple and stunning golf themed office decoration. But with our personalization services and our ability to engrave the base, it can be a personalized gift or an golf tournament award.

Golf Bag Award Clock

$66.50 Item# 58198


A Personalized Desk Clock that can be either a thoughtful gift or a golf achievement award. An engraving plate is added to the front of the base if you opt for our personalization service. This golf theme clock is designed in the style of a classic grandfather clock with a golf bag leaning against it

Golf Lover's Business Card Holder and Clock

$40.95 Item# 29953


Here's a combo golf theme desktop accessory that combines a business card holder with a Golf Desk Clock. With the shape of a golf club as the overall design, we've cleverly placed the clock face on the face of the club. Just behind this area is where you can store your business cards.

Desktop Business Card Holders

Golf Cart Miniature Clock

$34.35 Item# 60493


This Golf Clock is designed in the shape of a golf cart. An engraved golf clock can be a tournament prize or award. It's also a thoughtful gesture to the golfer of fan of the game.

Golf Clock and Tape Dispenser

$37.20 Item# 66963

This golf desk clock doubles as a tape dispenser. It's a clever way of disguising what normally is a less than attractive desk accessory (the tape dispenser) in the body of a lovely golf clock. This accessory is just another example of how Gifts for Professionals is making your desk look better!

Decorative Desk Accessories

Golf Club Glass Desk Clock

$56.25 Item# 39879


Elegant Golf Desk Clock featuring crossed golf clubs and flag. Corners of this glass clock and the edges feature gold plated brass.

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