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Employee Recognition Lapel Pins

Employee recognition lapel pins are for identifying the leaders on your team and giving them a small bit of recognition. The recognition pin allows them to wear with pride this honor of distinction. It serves to motivate all in your department or at your company.

Years of Service Award Lapel Pin In Stock

$5.10 Item# 55078

The dedication and loyalty is takes an employee to reach the 25 year milestone with a company is admirable. The years of hard work and commitment should be highly promoted among you company to your other employees. Motivate the entire staff when you establish an employee recognition program that recognizes milestones with the company including the 5 year, 10 year, and 25 year anniversaries!

Employee of the Year Lapel Pin In Stock

$5.45 Item# 55076

Being honored by a company as the Employee of the Year is a tremendous accomplishment. Businesses of all sizes might choose one employee who shines above all the others and honor them which such a title. The accomplishment could range from having the highest sales numbers, being the most loyal or having the best attendance. Or perhaps all of these factors are calculated to determine who will be the Employee of the Year!

Leadership Lapel Pin In Stock

$4.35 Item# 64535

With a flagged gold trimmed white and black and a red circle around the gold word "leadership," this lapel pin simply states the obvious... there is a leader among your ranks and he deserves honors!

Most Improved Lapel Pin In Stock

$5.00 Item# 64946

Gifts for Professionals offers a fun and affordable way to recognize the "Most Improved" among your workers. This affordable Most Improved Lapel Pin features an arrow moving in the right direction as it soars upward! Atop the blue arrow are the words "Most Improved" for those who have made progress and it needs to be noticed. Often these awards are given out quarterly and the four recipients qualify for a larger award at the end of the year. Don't make those doing a good job wait for a little thanks!

You are A Star! Lapel Pin In Stock

$6.50 Item# 69152

Service Lapel Pin In Stock

$5.00 Item# 64944

For thanking your team who has served your cause or organization well, consider this Service Lapel Pin featuring the word SERVICE in-between two white columns with gold trim and the green half wreath below the word SERVICE. The black and maroon background further enhance the beauty of this small 3/4" pin perfect for a man or a woman.

Whether you want a volunteer organization gift idea, a work service project thank you or simply a way to honor those who go the extra mile, this Service pin will certainly be a small but special way to say thank you. Consider browsing the other clutch back lapel pins for more great ways to show your appreciation!

100% Service Lapel Pin In Stock

$4.05 Item# 67484

Employee of the Month Lapel Pin In Stock

$4.55 Item# 55075

Employee recognition lapel pins have been used in corporate America for decades. Perhaps one of the most common ways a business recognizes an employee is with an employee of the month contest. This recognition lapel pin was created for such events.

Great Job Lapel Pin In Stock

$4.90 Item# 70717

Achievement Star Lapel Pin

$3.60 Item# 71145

Leaadership Lapel Pin

$3.60 Item# 71144

100% Effort Pin

$3.60 Item# 70725

Smart Employees Pin

$3.60 Item# 70772

Whatever It Takes Pin

$3.60 Item# 70720

Textured Gold Star Lapel Pin

$6.75 Item# 64945

This star decided to get a little dressed up! No simple gold or silver is good enough for this .75" Lapel Pin! A "rough" texture that can be felt, this Textured Gold Lapel Pin makes it stand out a little more... adds an extra touch and even considers itself a star among star lapel pins!

Star lapel pins continue to be a favorite for their simple way of offering employee recognition both affordably and with a flare that is beautiful and obvious! Make those star employees feel like they matter with an affordable lapel pin that says it all... "You are a shining star!"

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