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Eagle Wall Plaques

Our Eagle Plaques are just one of the many types of employee recognition gifts offered with the American Eagle as the theme. The eagle represents those who fly high and achieve soaring success and these plaques are ready to showcase your company's best and brightest achievers.

Full Color Eagle Head and American Flag Plaque In Stock

$44.70 Item# 64066


Leading off our collection of American Bald Eagle Plaques is this full color stunning wall plaque. It is sure to excite the lucky recipient.

Whether using this affordable award as a gift for a visiting dignitary or as a gift for a retiring military official, Gifts for Professionals wants you to show your best patriotic spirit with this attractive Eagle Award Plaque. From the handsome eagle portrait gracing the middle of this bottom of this plaque to the stunning waving red, white, and blue, this plaque takes plaques to an entirely new level and assures the class and distinction you want on a patriotic gift idea.

Eagle Perpetual Plaque - 12 Plates

$155.20 Item# 60404


A great idea for the government agency and popular among those who work underneath the American Eagle and all it represents, this American Eagle In Flight Employee of the Month Perpetual Plaque offers twelve plates with six black plates on either side of a larger plate in the middle with the eagle in flight above. The plate in the middle offers plenty of space to add that company logo (additional charge applies) as well as define the award and the year these dedicated employees enjoyed their success. The American walnut curved edges offer a little more modern twist on this traditional award.

Find more 12 Plate Perpetual Plaques.

American Walnut Eagle Plaque

$75.00 Item# 64986


For those who work for the US Government or the United States Military, an eagle means just a little more than it does to others. An eagle represents freedom but also a responsibility that comes with the job. On those special occasions for achievement or recognition, Gifts for Professionals invites you to consider this handsome Made in the USA American Walnut Eagle Plaque featuring a finely detailed black and gold eagle medallion on top of the plaque in a recessed area and an ample engraving plaque at the bottom.

One of the most beautiful American Bald Eagle Plaques in our catalog!

Bronze Eagle Recognition Award Plaque - Large

$108.00 Item# 60411


Looking for American Bald Eagle Awards? This handsome Eagle Plaque is great for any government employee or military officer. Also consider giving this to a high school football team, coach or star player if the team uses the Eagles as their school mascot.

Whatever the reason you need an eagle award, consider this one. Available in two sizes, this eagle is sure to land in the hearts of anyone who loves the regal eagle and appreciates being recognized for a job well done!

Eagle Head Recognition Award Plaque - Medium

$75.00 Item# 60410


Eagle Awards never go out of style and it is no surprise since the eagle is a noble symbol of strength, freedom, soaring high into the sky, and an array of visuals that add up to superior performance. This classic Bronze Eagle Recognition Award Plaque is a smaller version of product #60411.

Gold Eagle in Flight Award Plaque

$100.00 Item# 64983


This 12" H plaque prominently features an eagle in gold electroplate on the top and a smaller plate at the bottom. Often plaques are overwhelmed with words but the addition of such a beautiful eagle adds to its classic look. It also allows anywhere from 4 - 6 lines of text under it on the plate and the plate measure 2" H x 6" W offering long lines if a quote or special message is added.

Landing Eagle Award Plaque

$78.00 Item# 65434


American Bald Eagle Plaques continue to be a favorite among our customers and there's good reason... an eagle symbolizes our country and all that is great about the United States of America. An eagle also represents the majestic and those who certainly soar above others and land at new heights.

That's why this attractive Landing Eagle Award plaque is a great addition to your awards program whether you are looking for a retiring military award or a conquering executive award!

With walnut finish and attractive metal casting with detailing raised to bring the award to life, this plaque is all about recognizes those who soar.

Rosewood Eagle Plaque Award

$69.00 Item# 65081


Looking for an affordable walnut plaque to decorate the office and warm the heart of the deserving winner among your troops? Always popular among our military friends and soldiers, American Bald Eagle Awards maintain a place of distinction in award presentations among corporate America as well as Governmental agencies and, of course, Military and Veteran groups.

This Rosewood Eagle Plaque Award counts among those popular and affordable eagle awards certain to please the recipient and those who have chosen the deserving winner. Made of an American walnut, this award features a traditional antique brass style eagle as he prepares to catch his prey. Known for their majestic and quiet flight, the eagle easily sweeps down and grabs its prey with silence and swiftness.

Walnut Eagle Plaque Award

$69.00 Item# 65080


This is the walnut version of product #65081

Glass Eagle Award Plaque - 8x10

$77.80 Item# 67545


American Bald Eagle Awards in every design and style are at Gifts for Professionals. Here's one of the distinctive color versions or our American Bald Eagle Wall Plaques.

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