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Eagle Awards

Eagle Awards

Gifts for Professionals brings you many Eagle Recognition Gift Ideas. The "Eagle" is chosen many times by companies for their Employee Recognition Awards and it's easy to see why! Since an eagle soars above all others, an "Eagle Gift" assures that you are awarding the best of the best -- whether it is for employee recognition or simply a birthday gift idea! So whether you are looking for a Crystal Eagle or have something else in mind, you are sure to find it here!
Eagle Desk Accessories
Eagle Desk Plaques
Eagle Wall Plaques
"Intrepid" - Bronze Coated Eagle Figurines With Wings Spread
Glass Eagle
Eagle Figuirine
$50.75 Item# 48554
Eagle and Snake
Soaring Eagle Glass Figurine
Soaring Eagle Glass Figurine
$55.80 Item# 62019
Eagle Toujours Discontinued Item
Eagle Resin Award - 14" H
Bronze Coated Eagle Award
Eagle Resin Trophy Sculpture
Eagle Resin Trophy Sculpture
$22.90 Item# 63477
Mercury Large Silver Eagle
Mercury Medium Silver Eagle
Nickel Plated Eagle Award - 14.5"
12" H American Eagle Atop Flag - Resin
American Eagle - 17" H
Carved Crystal Eagle on Black Crystal Base
Handpainted Eagle with Flag and Base
10" Eagle and Flag on Resin Base
6 1/2 inch Antique Gold Eagle Resin
Eagle on Round Black Stained Piano Finish Base
Resin Eagle Head
Large Eagle Casting on Solid American Walnut with Flag

Eagle Recognition Gifts & Awards Soar in Value

From the beautiful gliding motion as it flies through the skies to the regal posture while he rests on a mountain, the eagle continues to represent power, authority, and grace. A symbol for the United States of America, eagle gifts are an amazingly popular item with customers visiting Gifts for Professionals and a favorite among groups and organizations who love the symbolism of a powerful creature who defies extinction and soars the skies as if he owns them. And, let's face it, the eagle certainly does own the sky and he owns most Americans' hearts as the symbol of freedom and of a country destined for great things despite adversity. The eagle, quite frankly, is the United States and citizens, as well as countless customers who visit Gifts for Professionals, embrace it in choosing recognition gifts and honors for esteemed customers, loyalty employees, and powerful players in the corporations. The eagle expects no less...

Eagle gift ideas offer one of the most diverse departments among the selections and categories Gifts for Professionals provides. Perhaps it is because the eagle is so duplicated in art and sculpture and so popular among Americans as a patriotic people. Ironically, an often repeated story about Benjamin Franklin reports he wrote his daughter a letter bemoaning the selection of the eagle as the United States of American's symbol and national bird suggesting it was a lazy animal who didn't earn his living honestly. He stated the eagle would perch on a tree waiting for other animals to capture the fish in the rivers while he waited to steal the other animals prey then, once the animal secured his meal, the eagle would swoop down and steal it – an image Benjamin Franklin believed was not fitting of a blossoming country who stole its own independence from British rule by fighting diligently for it in the form of an entire revolution. Rather, Benjamin Franklin suggested to his daughter that the United States of America should have chosen a turkey as its symbol, and, many years later, citizens are pleased to report that a few presidents have fulfilled that role even if the actual turkey never got the chance!

But can you image an array of awards and gifts featuring a turkey? It seems as though it would change the entire fabric of the country and certainly eagles in general and Gifts for Professionals is not sure Thanksgiving would ever be the same! But on Thanksgiving, the country eats turkey and give thanks for its freedom and the eagle is certainly the symbol for the entire country and not just one holiday!

So browse among eagle awards fit for the royalty the United States of American left behind in England! The eagle gift ware and awards offered by Gifts for Professionals includes one of our most diverse pricing and material selections. From beautiful crystal eagles to detailed resin statues and awards, Gifts for Professionals is proud of the number of military, government, and corporate leadership who choose eagles to be the symbol of achievement and soaring above others in assuring the job is done.

The resin selection of eagle statues and recognition awards is rather large and features cooper and brass toned eagles with wings spread to simple eagle heads mounted on wooden bases. These resin eagle awards come in a smaller selection in silver tone casting as well. Also, the resin figures have a nice variety of full color eagles whose detail and coloring is majestic... just as the bold eagle! Some of the resin eagle awards are available with United States of America flags as the eagle perches atop a flag or is positioned next to one. While Gifts for Professionals offers a large variety, there are additional eagle resin awards not shown on our site so, if you cannot find it, contact us and we will surely have it among our stores or warehouse!

While smaller, the selection of glass and eagle crystal pieces offer a view of the eagle in several varieties. Whether you want a simple eagle head atop a base, a full dimensional eagle atop a marble perch, or a simple eagle drawing on a piece of glass, Gifts for Professionals soars above most other companies in assuring the selection is available. Our most popular eagle crystal piece simply shows an eagle landing on a crystal base and Gifts for Professionals adds an additional marble base when you need etching or room for award wording.

Finally, acrylic eagle awards are also an affordable alternative while remaining true to the look and feel of a truly regal award. Don't discount the array of acrylic eagle awards simply because their pricing is so reasonable.... Gifts for Professionals knows you will be happy with acrylic when your budget is tight. It often offers the same styles as crystal but in a much more affordable arena. With ever-tightening budgets, acrylic is the fastest growing selection of awards Gifts for Professionals offers.

However you want the eagle to land on that special award winner's desk or office, why not begin your search for this beautiful creature at a place like Gifts for Professionals who has perfected the use of eagles among its awards and enjoys the challenge of finding that perfect patriotic and brave symbol just for your budget and award needs. The eagle has certainly landed and it is right here at Gifts for Professionals!

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