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Eagle Desk Accessories

Marble bookends, brass bells, single & double pen stands kick off our catalog of eagle desk accessories.

Majestic Marble Eagle Bookends In Stock

$99.95 Item# 63956


These bookends are so stunning and features the head of the American Bald Eagle. Capturing the essence of an eagle in all its beauty, this pair of Eagle Bookends is no flight of fancy but, rather, a fancy gift for anyone who wants to capture the best! Perfect as a gift idea for military officers or government officials.

Soaring Eagle Desktop Water Globe In Stock

$30.40 Item# 69467


Landing Eagle Bookends

$78.75 Item# 63995


This superb pair of Eagle Bookends features an antique brass eagle on each of the bookends that is landing... right onto this attractive marble set of bookends, that is! One of our most patriotic eagle desk accessories!

Engraved Marble Bookends

Double Eagles Atop Double Green Marble Pen Stand

$144.45 Item# 64961


This Double Eagle Double Pen Stand represents the perfect recognition award for the employee celebrating a milestone employee anniversary. The eagles are amazingly attractive as they soar to new heights in perfect harmony in an antigen silver finish. The eagles are atop a green marble pen stand -- almost representing the land atop they soar -- with two pen funnels in silver and two pens in black and silver with black ink.

Marble Pen Stands

Eagle Marble Pen Desk Set

$88.90 Item# 64925


Eagles desk accessories are for leaders. They make excellent office decor for Chief Executive Officers or directors. For performers who achieve great success, they also have a symbolic tie-in to employees who fly high above all the others when it comes to achievement.

Brass Eagle Desk Bell

$25.25 Item# 65473


Let freedom ring! This eagle bell can beautifully enhance any office environment. It can also be used to ring in the office. A sales manager could ring the bell every time a new client signs on the dotted line or when the sales team meets the monthly goal. Put this eagle to work in your office today to motivate and inspire the sales department.

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