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Doctor Desk Card Holders

Marble and glass doctor desk accessories that can be used in the waiting room of any medical practice or on the desk of the physician.

Gold Caduceus Medical Business Card Holder In Stock

$33.60 Item# 60019

Made of rich jade glass, this doctor card holder assures the medical professionals in your life are rewarded with an awesome doctor's gift idea without breaking the bank!

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Marble Card Holder for Doctor In Stock

$26.35 Item# 60250


This affordable Doctor's Cream Marble Business Card Holder with Caduceus Insignia features the medical insignia. It will please any doctor, nurse or staff member to have it on the desktop.

Choose from the insignia being in the middle if you purchase this item blank or, when you purchase this marble card holder personalized, the emblem is on the left side with the name on the right of the insignia

Marble Card Holders

Amber Marble Vertical Card Holder with Caduceus In Stock

$25.70 Item# 60226


One of the many doctor desk accessories we offer is this vertical card holder. Obviously, finding vertical card holders is a challenge but finding one as beautiful as this Doctor Amber Marble Vertical Card Holder with Caduceus Symbol is truly a challenge! This exclusive design by Gifts for Professionals features a round amber marble base, brass card posts and an alloy medical symbol atop the marble.

Oval Marble Business Card Holder with Caduceus

$26.35 Item# 60232


A sublime gift idea for the doctor, the physician's assistant, the nurse, or anyone who joins the medical professional team leading in health care. Whether you want a gift for the physician or a gift for the entire office staff, consider one of the many doctor desk accessories Gifts for Professionals offers.

Pen Stand & Card Case for Doctor with Caduceus

$57.25 Item# 60234


Purchase the set and save! While these two gifts are sold separately, Gifts for Professionals has combined these two into a special gift set where you can save a little on this great doctor's desk gift set and get two items that are both beautiful and offer a savings too! The set includes a Medical Caduceus Pen Stand and a Medical Caduceus Business Card Holder. A great gift set for the doctor whose desk needs a little decorating!

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Caduceus Business Card Holder - Gold

$42.80 Item# 60063


This crystal card holder features a medical insignia, called a caduceus and it is in gold alloy metal. A wonderful way to say congratulations to the medical school graduate or a special way to say thanks to the dedicated doctor! Medical gifts are a priority at Gifts for Professionals... doctor's orders!

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