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Doctor Desk Accessories

Our Doctor Desk Accessories are just a small subset of our Doctor Gifts that can be given to any practicing physicians. These are especially suitable for doctor graduation gifts.

Black Leather Medical Coaster In Stock

$5.15 Item# 64275


This simple, and simply affordable caduceus gift idea is sure to decorate any desk, counter top, or home space where the doctor can be found enjoying a cup of coffee, drinking a heathy glass or water or just indulging in a favorite beverage. Keep that desk top, office table, counter top and more free from rings with a handy coaster that is made with the doctor in mind! This classic black coaster features a caduceus symbol debossed on it in gold. The gold medical insignia against the black leather of the coaster (which measures almost 4" around) is a wonderful and easily affordable way to thank the doctors in the practice at the holidays.

Other Leather Coasters for your viewing pleasure.

Medical Insignia Black Marble Doctor's Name Plate In Stock

$125.95 Item# 62172


10" Marble Nameplate for the Medical Doctor. The engraving includes the medical symbol on the left hand side of the nameplate as well as the doctor's first and last name and professional designation.

Personalized Marble Nameplates

Mahogany Arch Medical Insignia Desktop Clock

$61.95 Item# 59719


A doctor is one of the busiest of all professionals. Decorating the office is the last thing on the mind of a medical professional when they have to see and diagnose patients all day long. Leave the decorating ideas to us with this elegant mahogany arch clock. It's one of the many Caduceus Clocks in our collection.

Doctor Miniature Clock

$58.50 Item# 60974


The designers who fashioned our doctor desk accessories really have created something special. These gifts come in several price points and this mini clock is in the middle of the pack when it comes to price. It shows an old-fashioned doctor bag with built in clock. Also on the piece are a stethoscope and the tools to test reflexes with a tap on the knee and take a look inside the patient's ear. A standing caduceus symbol towers above.

Miniature Clocks

Caduceus Doctor Coaster Set of Four

$46.00 Item# 65090

Made of a great stoneware that helps absorb the "sweat" from the drinks, these coasters measure 4" square and feature the ever-recognizable medical caduceus in gold on each of the four coasters. Purchase one set for the graduate or a few for the other doctors in the practice.

Letter Opener with Medical Theme

$19.55 Item# 57664


Doctors will love using this "Caduceus" theme letter opener. It's the type of occupation gift that we are known for -- unique and hard to find "theme" desk accessories for medical professionals, including nurses and doctors.

This medical-themed letter opener is a handsome addition to any desk top. It is embellished with a silver caduceus on a black enameled background. The steel letter opener has a bright white anti-tarnish finish.

Let us make it a personalized gift by engraving a name on the letter opener blade.

The Caduceus is widely used by healthcare organizations in North America as a "medical symbol" although historically the Rod of Asclepius is the traditional medical symbol.

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