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Doctor Clocks

Clocks can be given as medical doctor gifts and there are so many places the good doctor can showcase a timepiece -- the office, the waiting room, or home.

Caduceus Medical Doctor's Desktop Alarm Clock In Stock

$39.40 Item# 60164


A beautiful timepiece featuring the medical insignia recognized across America as the symbol of doctors and the healthcare industry. This Caduceus Symbol Clock from Gifts for Professionals is the latest addition to our Medical Professional Series of Desk Accessories & Office Decor. Also a perfect award gift for anyone in the healthcare industry.

This beautiful doctor's clock features Roman Numerals, a second hand, and a battery operated alarm (AA battery not included). The stand on the back assures it displays perfectly.

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Medical Insignia Doctor's Clock In Stock

$67.95 Item# 71333


Gold Caduceus Medical Symbol Gray Marble Column Clock In Stock

$32.45 Item# 59660


Looking for the perfect doctor gift to cure the busy professional's blues? Why not consider an affordable and attractive clock to help keep the medical professional on time and on the case! This Gold Caduceus Medical Symbol Gray Marble Column Clock is an affordable gift for any special occasion.

Mahogany Arch Medical Insignia Desktop Clock In Stock

$61.95 Item# 59719


A doctor who has been there for your family during challenging times would appreciate a thank you gift from a grateful family and this wonderful mahogany clock features the caduceus medical symbol and ample room for a few lines of engraving to say thank you to that perfect physician.

Silver Caduceus Crystal Pen Holder & Clock In Stock

$57.95 Item# 60633


This Silver Caduceus Doctor's Crystal Pen Holder and Desktop Clock lets you combine a practical gift that is so beautiful and designed specifically for the medical professional.

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Caduceus Medical Marble Arch Clock

$51.40 Item# 59561


This exquisite Caduceus Medical Black Marble Arch Clock offers a great gift idea without breaking the ever-tightening budget! This clock can be engraved with a name or date or simply give it as a gift blank.

Caduceus Medical Brass Clock

$65.45 Item# 59859


This wonderful Caduceus Medical Brass Clock features a beautiful brass clock with the traditional medical symbol under it -- a symbol that has stood for great medicine for decades. Take a closer look at this clock and you will see a black face assuring the clock can be read easily with beautiful stand out gold Roman numbers along with a gold minute and hour hand and even a second hand. The gold trim on either side of the glass frames the medical emblem located in the center beautifully while the gold stand offers room for up to three lines of text to be added to the base.

Marble Clock for Doctor with Caduceus

$44.90 Item# 59556

For the up and coming medical professionals of tomorrow, why not consider a great medical gift idea today? Shopping for professionals is never easy and that's what Gifts for Professionals is all about! We team with our customers to find the perfect medical and doctors gifts whether for that tough boss who loves the office to that new medical student who loves the classroom! This wonderful Caduceus Medial Desktop Marble Clock is made of marble and looks great with just the caduceus symbol on it or you can add a personal name and perhaps medical school graduation date to the clock for that extra special personal touch. The clock is designed to assure the doctor always remembers that time is money and money is what he needs to pay off medical school! A favorite graduation gift idea for the medical student just getting accepted to medical school to say congrats too!

Medical Caduceus Deluxe Marble Card Holder

$47.65 Item# 59576


This Medical Caduceus Deluxe Card Holder in Marble is the medical gift idea you have been looking for! Whether you want to give your primary care doctor a thank you gift or the up and coming surgeon a congratulations gift for finishing medical school, this great deluxe card holder features the ever popular medical symbol next to a clock.

Desktop Business Card Holders

Doctor Miniature Clock

$58.50 Item# 60974


Looking for a timeless doctor gifts sure to please the physician who means the world to you? This miniature clock is a doctor's theme clock with the "tricks of the trade" coming together. It's great as a medical school graduation gift idea, a thank you gift for the doctor who means everything to your family or certainly a family member's whose dedication to the medical field is second to none.

Medical Caduceus Obelisk Marble Tower Clock

$42.90 Item# 59580


It may seem strange to say a clock is timeless but that is certainly what this beautiful doctor's gift idea assures for the recipient. When you want to give a medical school graduation gift idea, Gifts for Professionals recommends one of our wonderful professional gifts featuring the caduceus symbol -- the medical emblem -- which assures this precious gift idea will be cherished by the doctor from the moment he or she graduates to the time he hangs up the stethoscope and retires. What a precious keepsake among so many other professional keepsakes in the wide array of professional gift ideas that made us Gifts for Professionals. Remember the prescription for great gift giving... one dose of Gifts for Professionals and one dose of your generous gift-giving!

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