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Diversity Awards

Gifts for Professionals continues to be the leader in corporate gift and motivational and achievement awards. If your organization celebrates Diversity, we invite you to choose these Diversity Awards as a part of our employee or volunteer recognition award program.

Diversity Award Recognition Plaque In Stock

$39.95 Item# 66132


Diversity Award Vases

Diversity Awards in the shape of a vase. These make ideal stand-alone Diversity Awards or they can also sit atop a marble, glass or crystal award base where we can engrave a personalized message.

Diversity Award Bowls

These designs are true masterpieces. Because you wish to present a near one-of-a-kind Diversity Award, these unique bowls and platters will be at the top of any manager or human resource director's list for employee recognition awards.

Diversity Award Globes

Working together -- despite our differences -- we can achieve anything. It takes teamwork and a commitment to blend together to achieve a common goal or purpose. These Diversity Award Globes are for recognition of outstanding employees who celebrate diversity, teamwork and accomplishment.

Harmony Globe

Harmony Globe Award
$40.50 - Item# 59542

Diversity Award Spheres

These Diversity Spheres come in bright colors and also more muted designs. Some of these Diversity Awards are mounted on a base or a few of them have a flat bottom and can sit directly on a desktop.

Glass Mega Rainbow Twist

Diversity and Unity Award
$116.50 - Item# 56516

Diversity Award Eggs

The Egg Shaped Employee Recognition Award might be our most unique shape. The design of these Diversity Eggs are crafted into careful appreciations of the merging of colors and curves. Choose these Diversity Awards when you wish to promote the notion of our differences make us a greater team when everyone works together.

Egg Shaped Art Glass Award

Egg Shaped Art Glass Award
$59.95 - Item# 57940

"The Building Blocks of Diversity" Award Series

There's a diversity of bright colors included in the design of this recognition award series. We offer three sizes of this Rectangle Plaque Award which sits atop base and features 5 colors on the left side of the award. The size options lets you decide on the right award based on budget or the amount of engraving. [Recognition Award Plaques]

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