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Dentist Gifts

Many of our dentist gifts feature the Dental Insignia. It's on many of the mugs, bookends, desk accessories and other office gifts that your dentist will love! Choose a Dental Insignia Gift on special occasions such as graduation or just to show your gratitude for having such a great dentist, orthodontist or hygienist!

Dentist Black Square Luggage Tag In Stock

$9.65 Item# 62180


Do you know a hard working dentist ready to hit the road for a well-deserved vacation? Or maybe your dentist travels to conferences a lot to stay up on the latest advances in technology. Either way, this leatherette square luggage tag is a dentist gift idea that will make anyone smile.

Dentist Glass Paperweight In Stock

$17.90 Item# 62575


Paperweights are one of our recommendations for anyone looking for dentist gift ideas. You'll notice our collection has a wide range of options including everything from glass paperweights to marble paperweights -- all decorated with the dental insignia.

Oval Dentist Paperweight In Stock

$14.90 Item# 63066


This attractive paperweight features an oval shape with the dental insignia on the top in either gold or silver. Utilize engraving on this paperweight and you're creative a specialized memento that the gift recipient will always appreciate. Use it as a dentist gift for graduation from medical school or retirement or anything in between.

Dental Emblem Round Black Marble Paperweight In Stock

$7.10 Item# 61605


Part of an entire line of marble professional gifts, this Round Black Marble Paperweight is one of our best selling dentist gifts this year. Features a stunning piece of black marble with a dental insignia atop available in gold tone or silver tone.

Desktop Marble Dentist Nameplate In Stock

$98.65 Item# 64977


This nameplate is part of our dentist office decor series. This marble nameplate features the dental insignia (in gold or silver).

Dental Insignia Business Card Case In Stock

$13.70 Item# 61602


Gifts for Professionals is proud to offer corporate gifts for nearly 100 professionals. Dental Gifts has been a growing demand from our customers and we've always had a nice, but small collection of gifts for the dentist and those in the dental profession.

Now, we've committed ourself to greatly expand our selection of Dentist Gifts and our newest one is this Stainless Steel Business Card Case with Dental Insignia.

Dentist Silver Oval Key Ring In Stock

$14.60 Item# 61649


Affordable and made especially for the dentist in mind, this silver tarnish resistance keyring features an oval ring with the dentistry insignia on it (also in silver). Engraved Keychains and Key Rings are low-cost, practical gifts for any occasion.

Marble Pen Stand for Dentist In Stock

$21.40 Item# 61679


In the past, it's been like pulling teeth to find specialized items for the dental profession. But Gifts for Professionals has heard and now we have several attractive marble desk accessories including pen stands and nameplates to add to your dentist office decor.

This marble pen stand features either gold accented insignia, funnel and funnel pen or silver. The pen is included in the item and the black marble includes beautiful veining sure to make the insignia stand out.

Dentist Desktop Paperweight In Stock

$20.65 Item# 63650


Perhaps our best looking dentist office decor piece. It's a beautiful piece for a bookcase or sign in counter and it may also be used as a paperweight.

Dentist Business Card Case In Stock

$12.55 Item# 62144


Dentist Theme Crystal Pen Stand In Stock

$22.65 Item# 63018


Our signature crystal pen stand is adorned with the dental insignia and makes for attractive dentist office decor.

Dentist Nameplate with Card Holder In Stock

$119.95 Item# 64976


If you are a hygienist, you can congratulate your dentist during Bosses Week with this marble nameplate. If you are a patient, you can say thank you for helping that terrible toothache feel better! No matter who you are, there is a dental professional in your life and if you are looking for dentist gifts or dentist office decor, we've got your covered.

Dentist Insignia Marble Business Card Holder In Stock

$38.00 Item# 61959


A perfect dentist gift idea, this oversized Marble Business Card Holder offers plenty of room to engrave the dentist's name and make it a personalized desk accessory.

Dentist White Marble Paperweight In Stock

$18.90 Item# 61612


Take a closer look at this White Marble Paperweight and consider giving it to a favorite new dentist upon his graduation from dental school or for your cherished dentist upon his retirement.

Dentist's Prayer Plaque for Wall In Stock

$33.95 Item# 69922


Dental Marble Paperweight In Stock

$16.40 Item# 64457


Dentist gift ideas come in two categories. The first is something your dental professional will use in their personal life. The second is decorative in nature that its used to enhance the office or patient waiting room. This paperweight can be either a professional waiting room decorative piece for the sign in counter or used to decorate the coffee table at home.

Dentist Green Marble Desktop Nameplate In Stock

$95.95 Item# 64289


More dental office decor with this green marble nameplate featuring the professional insignia of the profession!

Cream Marble Dentist Card Holder In Stock

$27.25 Item# 67548

About the Dental Insignia

A Little History on the "Dental Insignia"

The American Dental Association (ADA) authorized the use of the Dental Insignia as it is known today nearly fifty (50) years ago. The triangle is actually the Greek Letter "Delta" and its intertwined with what looks like a circle but is representing the Greek Letter "Omicron."

dental insignia

In the center is the "classic" Caduceus of a serpent wrapped around a staff. In the background are leaves and berries but these aren't just random. There's actually a specific number in the design. The Dental Insignia features 32 leaves & 20 berries -- which represent the number of permanent and temporary teeth in humans.

Note: The classic Caduceus known worldwide is the Serpent wrapped around the staff as shown above inside the Dental Insignia design. However, in the United States Healthcare Industry, the word Caduceus is used to represent the serpent wrapped around staff with two wings. For gifts with this version, see our Doctor Caduceus Gifts.

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