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Magnifying Glasses

Personalized Magnifying Glasses

If you are wondering when the fine print got so fine, perhaps it is time to take a closer look at our magnifying glasses. We have chosen some with a classic design, some that are also paperweights and gift sets. You never saw a larger array than our selection of marble trimmed, silver or gold handled and more. Enlarge your world with one of our fine magnifying glasses and read that small print with ease!
Brass and Wood Magnifier with Pouch
Classic Brass and Wood Magnifier
Brass and Wood Magnifying Glass
Magnifier Glass
 Eye Doctor Crystal Dome Magnifier Paperweight
Dental Insignia Crystal Dome Paperweight & Magnifier
Medical Caduceus Crystal Dome Paperweight
Nurse Dome Crystal Paperweight with Magnifier
Crystal Dome Magnifier Paperweight
Frog Magnifier
Cast Iron Frog Magnifier
$27.95 Item# 64898
Porthole Magnifying Glass
Eiffel Tower Magnifier
Eiffel Tower Magnifying Glass
$21.95 Item# 71348
Mother of Pearl Magnifier
Gavel Crystal Magnifier
Gavel Crystal Magnifier
$46.70 Item# 63005
Horse Magnifying Glass and Horse Letter Opener Set
Brass and Silver Plated Magnifying Glass
Crystal Handle Magnifier
Crystal Handle Magnifier
$39.35 Item# 61154
Gold Magnifier
Large Brass Magnifying Glass
$39.95 Item# 71350
Map Magnifying Glass
Alligator Magnifying Glass

Magnifying Glasses Keep Your Desk in Focus

By the time you've reached middle management in your career, you may notice your eye sight isn't what it used to be. The Gifts for Professionals Magnifying Glass Collection is for managers and supervisors who need to keep an eye on operations and the papers on your desk.

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