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Crystal Vision Globe Award Series

Crystal Vision Globe Award Series

Make a global impression with your award recipients by selecting one of the three sizes of this pedestal globe award that Gifts for Professionals offers. This globe award features three sizes: this one is the smallest at 3.5" H with a medium size of 4.5" H and a large size of 6" H. Remember, in measuring these globes, the size is dimensional so they are larger than they seem.
3.5" Crystal Globe with Base
4.5" Crystal Globe with Base
6" Crystal Globe with Base

Globes Make Global Impressions!

Browse among our large selection of crystal globes awards for your favorite style and look and don't forget to ask us about quantity discounts too!

Globe awards, especially in beautiful crystal, continue to be a popular employee recognition award. After all, there are so many ways to offer it to your employees from saying "Global Appreciation" to "A World of Thanks" and all earthy references between!

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