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Crystal Earth Achievement Awards

Crystal Earth Achievement Awards

Gifts for Professionals presents a corporate crystal award for the international company or organization with a global mission. Available in three sizes (6.5", 6" and 5") these crystal globes stand atop a base which slants out slightly at the bottom to add extra room for engraving and a beautiful look that is second to none.
Optical Crystal Globe - 6"
Optical Crystal Globe Award - 5"
Optical Crystal Globe Award - 6.5"

About These Globe Recognition Awards

These Optical Crystal Globe Awards sports a matching base ready for engraving your special global message.

Employee dissatisfaction can lead to a talented individual leaving you for another company who recognizes gifts and encourages your employee to abandon you and join their firm. They are promised greater recognition, communication and participation. How can you battle your competitors from stealing your most talented? It's a good question and the answer only takes two words: Employee Recognition.

Become a world class employer even if you don't have multiple offices and hundreds of employees. Become world class by listening to your employees but also speaking through internal contests with awards and milestone gifts like employee anniversaries that celebrate longevity and length of service.

Show your employees you are a world class employer by pronouncing and declaring which of your most accomplished sales and support staff are world class employees. It's impossible to be an employer that's world class without employees who have the same distinction.

Your employees gain that distinction through formal or informal recognition occasions that use this Crystal Globe or any personalized award to showcase their performance.

Engraved Crystal Globes are given everyday by the largest corporations. But World Theme Awards aren't just the purview of those businesses celebrated on the Fortune 500 List.

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