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Crystal Desk Accessories

Crystal Desk Accessories

The most luxurious desk accessories are those made of crystal. We've incorporated these contemporary crystal desk accessories to complement our broadening supply of crystal recognition awards. These desk accessories include letter openers, paperweights, pen stands and other beautiful items that will look extremely pleasing as corporate office decor.
Slant Top Crystal Paperweight
Slant Top Crystal Paperweight
$32.45 Item# 63787
Crystal Paperweight
Crystal Paperweight or Award
$29.00 Item# 64934
Optical Crystal Name Plate with Base
Optical Crystal Square Paperweight - Rounded Corners
Crystal Dome Magnifier Paperweight
Crystal Blue and Green Globe Paperweight
Optical Crystal Rectangular Business Card Size Paperweight
Optical Crystal Apple
Clock Card Holder
Crystal Pen Stand with Pen
Advantage - Crystal Paperweight
Crystal Nameplate -  2" x 12" x 3/4"
Crystal Ball Pen Stand
Crystal Ball Pen Stand
$51.80 Item# 57467
Faceted Crystal Recognition Award Clock
Contrasting Clear & Black Crystal Column Clock
4.5" Round Crystal Clock
Round Crystal Clock Award
$63.00 Item# 60199
Round Optical Crystal Paperweight
5.5 Arch Crystal Clock
Rectangular Paperweight - 4" L
Curved Top Elegant Crystal Clock

Crystal Sports Paperweights

Our Crystal Sports Paperweights a versatile. We've taken beautiful crystal footballs, basketballs, soccer balls and more and given you the option to use them as a paperweight or mount them to an award base and we can engrave them as part of a recognition achievement award.

Crystal Figurines

Our Crystal Figurines go just as well at home as the office. They let you add a bit of personality to your desk or bookcase. Find everything from sports figurines to animals.

Optic Crystal Smooth Apple Paperweight

$38.75 Item# 54167


An apple a day might keep the doctor away but try keeping him away from this great apple paperweight. The medical practice that wants to encourage a healthy diet and inspire patients to eat more fruits and vegetables could display this apple paperweight in its waiting room.

Dimensions: 3.5"W

Open Mail with a Fine Crystal Letter Opener

Opening your mail will never be the same. Holding one of our crystal handle letter openers as you open the mail will add a touch of class to an everyday task.

Crystal Letter Openers In Stock

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Crystal Golf Decor

Beautiful Crystal Golf Figurines go well in the Country Club lobby, the Head Pro's office or on any desk that belongs to a lover of the game of golf. We also engrave golf trophies and awards for charity tournaments and events.

Business Card Holders Made of Fine Crystal

Show of your name and business affiliation with an elegant desktop crystal name card holder. You'll find basic card holders as well as ones with clocks or pen stands in the design. Most all of our crystal card holders may be engraved or personalized.

In Stock

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Crystal Sports Clocks

A timepiece designed directly into the shape of your favorite sports ball. A desk accessory to remind you of your days playing in high school or college before your corporate ladder climbing career took off!

Crystal Soccer Ball Sports Clock In Stock

$38.25 Item# 29025


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