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Crystal Clocks

Find the best crystal clock at Gifts for Professionals. An engraved clock is a wonderful timepiece to choose as a personal or corporate gift idea. If you enjoy the fine elegance of crystal, then check out our engraved crystal awards too!

Contrasting Clear & Black Crystal Column Clock In Stock

$122.50 Item# 60197


Whether you want to offer the special lecturer a handsome gift or want to reward your dedicated employee with a practical recognition award, this stunning crystal clock is certainly a perfect choice. The contrasting columns feature alternating clear and black crystal for a beautiful look that add dimension and style. The clock itself has a larger than usual face with silver accents and Roman Numbers on the dial with a second hand. The base features two layers of clear crystal with a bottom layer of black crystal to create a great dark base without sacrificing the lovely clear crystal.

Crystal Miniature Clock with Silver Accent In Stock

$45.15 Item# 61836


Always a popular item, the crystal miniature clock has been redesigned to reflect an uncut look allowing easier personalization. The sleek, smooth crystal with an uncut look and a white faced clock is highlighted in a silver trim. The clock features black hands and Roman numerals. There is a 1" by 2.5" area below the clock for personalization or a custom engraved message Overall the clock stands 3.25" tall and 3.25" wide, and it's battery powered for easy use. Watch size battery and can be easily replaced when needed. Also available with a gold trim face. Gift Boxed.

Miniature Clocks

Oval Crystal Clock Award

$94.50 Item# 60030


Crystal never fails in awarding wonderful performances and crystal always makes terrific recognition gift ideas. Never fails...always pleasing... crystal! Then add the fact that it is a 1.25" thick Oval Crystal Clock Award -- wonderful for an anniversary of employment or marriage.

This crystal clock is perfectly at home in either the boardroom or the bedroom! A great personal gift idea and always a cherished recognition gift idea, this oval clock features thick crystal in a modern oval shape with a silver tone face rim with roman numerals on the white face. It offers room for a logo or simply a few lines of thanks. Or, why not but a wedding date on this clock and give as a wedding gift idea.

Faceted Crystal Recognition Award Clock

$168.00 Item# 47873


Nothing say congratulations more than a beautiful engraved crystal clock and this rectangle timepiece tells the employee "Thank You" in a very special way.

When a crystal timepiece or other crystal desk accessory is "faceted" -- then its not just a straight square, circle or rectangle shaped item. The top edges of this crystal recognition clock is the area with the most faceted details. Think of a faceted clock as one with more sides that its basic shape. The very small facets at the top of this crystal clock make it all the more elegant.

Echelon Clock Award

$162.15 Item# 56108


Gifts for Professionals, the leader in engraved corporate employee awards, introduces the Echelon Clock Award. It's a crystal award with room for engraving your company logo, employee name and short message.

Optical Crystal Pioneer Tower Clock

$147.00 Item# 57113


When its time to stop watching the clock, many employees receive one! Retirees from corporations across the United States often receive an engraved clock as a retirement gift. A clock assures the recipient of all the time in the world to have fun and relax! What a beautiful clock this optical crystal tower clock is -- especially when a personalized message is added! Make sure you recognize your employees with crystal... a truly exquisite employee recognition gift idea!

Round Crystal Clock Award

$63.00 Item# 60199


This exquisite Round Crystal Award Clock features silver metal accents around the clock face with Roman numerals as well as a second hand on the face. The round bottom offers ample room for engraving three nice lines award winning thanks and appreciation to the lucky recipient. The size, at 4.5" H, is a wonderful addition to a desktop without being too overwhelming or bothersome.

Rounded Triangle Arch Style Crystal Clock

$66.50 Item# 60200


For a gift of timeless elegance, look no further than a stunning crystal clock. Available at Gifts for Professionals in an array of sizes and styles, this stunning Rounded Triangle Arch Style Crystal Clock includes a sliver accented face rim, Roman numerals on the clock face, and a second hand which is second to none!

Crystal Clock with Silver Trimmed Face

$48.75 Item# 58936


A beautiful choice in employee recognition giving, this award clock is curved to assure the crystal takes on an extra optic shine! Suitable for adding two lines of engraving or a corporate logo (in orders of 12 or more - set-up charges and logo charges apply), this crystal clock is the perfect way to award the hard working team for a job well done!

Measures 3" x 4.5" x 1.5"

Modern Style Crystal Clock

$94.00 Item# 69238


This modern style crystal clock has a very unique edges that make the design a stand out piece for recognition giving. When praising your employees for achievement excellence is your goal, consider an uncommon piece that will capture the imagination and drive further performance in the future!

24% Lead Crystal Pen Holder and Clock In Stock

$49.40 Item# 53738


We've taken two great desk accessories, the clock and the pen stand, and combined them into one beautiful accessory for your desk.

Browse more Crystal Pen Stands

Skeleton Clocks

These Crystal Clocks are dubbed "Skeleton" timepieces because you can see the inside of the mechanism. Quite popular across many industries, these crystal clocks are unique. They make a statement!

Curved Top Elegant Crystal Clock

Curved Top Skeleton Crystal Clock
$190.00 - Item# 62849

Optical Crystal Clock

Optical Crystal Clock Award
$192.00 - Item# 58186

Octagon Elegant Crystal Clock

Octagon Skeleton Crystal Clock
$154.75 - Item# 62848

Black Pedestal Crystal Clock with Gold Face

Crystal Skeleton Gears Clock
$109.35 - Item# 60495

Crystal Clock

Tower Crystal Clock
$196.60 - Item# 62340

Sports Themed Crystal Clocks

Crystal Clocks for your office designed with a sports theme. These are elegant and add to your corporate decor but they also reflect one of your great passions! Find more sports themed items by searching our catalog including Basketball Gifts, Baseball Gifts and Tennis Gifts.

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