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Crystal Award Vases

Premiering employee awards for the first time into your business operations or continuing to give annual awards as you've been doing for decades -- if either case study fits you -- you're going to find these Crystal Award Vases appealing!

Etched Cut Crystal Vase - 8"

$269.40 Item# 31242


This etched cut 24% lead crystal vase makes a stunning employee recognition award or as a thank you for the volunteer of the year award. A beautiful vase, it is sure to be appreciated by anyone receiving it. Measures 8" H with a 4" crystal engraving area. Award will be sandblasted and logos incur an additional charge.

Crystal Vase with Attached Black Crystal Base - 13.75" H

$165.35 Item# 62166


Imagine awarding an employee of the year or an employee for 20 years of service with a stunning 24% lead crystal vase with an attached black crystal base for etching that special message that means so much to the recipient and also makes the message stand out on the contrasting crystal. Whether you want to let a retiree have a gift for their retirement or simply want it as a winner of a competition, crystal vases assure the gift is both useful and stunning. This crystal vase has the added feature of an attached base that fits up to 4 lines of engraving. The base is 24% lead crystal and features beautiful cut designs on the vase that are rich in detail. Let your award recipient receive a gift that makes it crystal clear that you appreciate their work, their dedication, and their service... after all, crystal speaks volumes!

Years of Service Awards

Manhattan Cylinder Crystal Vase Award

$87.50 Item# 31221


The perfect vase award, this Manhattan Cylinder Crystal Vase is a perfect way to award the volunteer of the year or that special award winner when you are just plain tired of trophies! This award vase measures 9.75" H and 3" in diameter. Plenty of room for that special award winning message that Gifts for Professionals can add to this great crystal vase. So many employees and human resource managers are tired of trophies as the item given at annual corporate ceremonies. Going with something more special, more unique has been the trend now for a number of years. A Personalized Crystal Vase offers the employee the company's tangible expression of gratitude and also gives them a lovely home or office decoration.

Cut Crystal Award Vase on Black Crystal Base - 10.75" H

$96.15 Item# 57789


A compliment to it's bigger version, this attractive 10.75" H vase offers the same beautiful cuts, same engaging black crystal vase, and the same opportunity to have it personalized as that perfect showpiece for your award recipient.

Diamond Design 245 Lead Crystal Award Vase

$1074.65 Item# 61906


This devastatingly marvelous award vase is certainly like few others that you will find in the award industry. Made of Italian cut 245 lead crystal, this Diamond Design Crystal Award Vase offers a spectacular vase award offers style on its own but the added dimension of a diamond pattern assures you are conveying that the gem of a winner is certainly a diamond to your organization. This award vase measures an impressive 15.5" H and features a large etching area surrounded by the diamond pattern with designs inside the diamonds. A wonderful diamond anniversary gift for an employee working longer than most others it is often given to a corporation on the diamond anniversary if its founding. Often the CEO has this stunning award or the senior management for diamond achievements or success. Let Gifts for Professionals add a logo to this item and etch it for you with the personal message sharing the diamond achievements of your employees, company or organization.

Large Open Mouth Crystal Vase

$1144.85 Item# 61907


Looking for a brilliantly attractive crystal leadership award designed to impress? Consider this stunning Large Open Mouth Crystal Vase Award when you need quality for only the most important awards your corporation presents to its best achievers. Whether you want an award celebrating a milestone of the company or want an award that truly offers impressive thanks to the organization benefactor, this superb vase says so much with just its impression... not to mention the message or logo that can be added to it (logo charge applies). When considering a major award where nothing but the best will do, this is certainly one of the major awards that will guarantee you, your corporation, and the recipient with only the best impression.

Crystal Medallion Award Vase

$94.10 Item# 42797


Vases are unique in our collection. Most of our vases are easily used "as-is" in the home or office in a decorative way. Imagine a bouquet of fresh flowers upon entering your office. Decorating your lobby with such a lively "welcome" to your customers & prospects would be memorable! With our in-house engraving team, we also have the ability to turn an of these vases into something for recognition. An Award Vase is a way to thank an employee for job-well done, say goodbye to a retiring workers who's been with you for twenty years or even welcome your newest hire! This Award Vase features a design the limits the engraving to the very top rim. This Crystal medallion award vase stands 7.75" in height.

Crystal Award Trophy

$492.00 Item# 31193


The allure of this engraved crystal vase is unmistakable. An employee who has reached a milestone deserves to be validated with a recognition award that will inspire him to more success. Public acknowledgement of outstanding work is critical, whether its simply internal and promoted to coworkers or external through means of a public announcement or press release. An Award Trophy with Italian Craftsmanship This Shamrock Recognition Trophy stands 10" tall and is detailed with Italian craftsman ship. It is made of from the most luxurious 24% lead crystal. In addition to being an employee recognition award, it also serves as a tournament award or grand prize in an academic or sports contest. Maximum etching area is 3" x 2".

10" Engraved Italian Crystal Vase

$572.00 Item# 31172


Elegant crystal awards and vases are available for engraving and etching. Make a statement with your next Employee Recognition Award by turning to the elegance of crystal. This Italian Vase from Gifts for Professionals is made of 24% lead crystal and makes a great award for your event. Imagine how impressive your corporate logo will look on an award of this quality. Let your most accomplished employee know just how much appreciation the company feels towards excellence in achievement with this Beautiful Engraved Recognition Award Vase. Inscribe your logo, employee name and a brief inspirational phrase or your company motto.

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