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Engraved Crystal Award Bowls

Our talented engraving team take these beautiful Crystal Award Bowls and engrave the curves so elegantly that your logo or inscriptions flows right into the bowl design. Award bowls professionally engraved turn a recognition gift into a masterpiece.

Cut Lead Crystal Award Bowl - Large

$262.10 Item# 31261


Gifts for Professionals proudly recommends this 24% Cut Lead Crystal Award Bowl. It's large size is for any employee who has outshone all others and its our featured product among all of the expensive crystal bowls in this category.

Windermere Global Award Bowls

Your choice of 3 Expensive Crystal Bowls to choose for corporate recognition or office decor. These 3 bowls are the same design and come in a small, medium and large size. Expensive crystal bowls with a global theme for corporations with a worldwide reach.

Windermere Global Ball - Small

Windermere Global Ball - Small
$271.70 - Item# 70971

Windermere Global Bowl Medium

Windermere Global Bowl Medium
$431.40 - Item# 70972

Windermere Global Bowl Large

Windermere Global Bowl - Large
$532.95 - Item# 70970

Crystal Award Bowls on Black Base

This attractive award bowl is sure to bowl you over. A great alternative to the vase but certainly a close relative, this alluring Crystal Bowl Award comes in 3 sizes and features cut crystal design on a bowl that includes an attached black crystal base ready for engraving. A stunning piece in the office or home or even as a centerpiece with an arrangement in it, this bowl award is sure to fascinate and please any award winner and give them a delightful gift to use while entertaining as well as a special award.

Straight text imprinting incurs the one basic personalization charge while logos incur an additional charge and constitute customized orders. Ask our sales associates for more information.

Gartland Crystal Award Bowl in 3 Sizes

Often chosen as a special recognition award for a senior member of management or a member of the Board of Directors, this exquisite Cut Crystal Award Bowl comes in 3 sizes and is a showpiece in the recipient's home or office. Take a closer look at this stunning 24% Lead Crystal Bowl and you will see beautiful etching around the lip of the bowl and the base with ample room inbetween for a logo and award winning text. Our Gartland Award Bowl has been a part of the Gifts for Professionals collection for a decade and continues to impress new award recipients receiving it. The bowl features a slightly tilted lip at the top giving it a classic line that peaks outward while the cut crystal design features wreaths and garlands in a pattern that lends itself to any room in which it adorns. When you want fine quality gifts for your corporate professionals and special volunteers, consider Gifts for Professionals... after all, it's all in our name!

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