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Crystal Award Apples

A delicious bushel of award winning apple awards await you with Gifts for Professionals’ collection of Award Winning Apple Awards. Available in a variety of sizes and colors, these awards make a deliciously good way to award a teacher who has excelled or a co-worker who is the apple of the bosses eye in every project completed. Consider picking one or an entire bushel of apples from a crop that has been harvested to please our devoted customers... like you!

Crystal Apple Award on Smoke Base In Stock

$85.50 Item# 64292


Crystal Apple Award on Smoke Glass Base.

Dimensions: 4.0"W 5.6"H 7.0"L

4" Crystal Apple with Stem In Stock

$38.50 Item# 65065


Comes in a gift box, suitable for presentations.

Dimensions: 4.0"W

Golden Apple Crystal Award In Stock

$96.60 Item# 60488


Part of our Educator Awards Collection, this Apple sits atop a smoke glass base where we inscribe the outstanding teacher's accomplishment and name.

Dimensions: 5.0"W 5.0"H 7.0"L

Golden Apple Achievement Crystal Paperweight In Stock

$47.25 Item# 60342

This crystal apple has an extra touch... a golden stem and leaf signifying a golden achievement either as a teacher or any other professional.

Dimensions: 3.12"H

Optical Crystal Apple Award Paperweight In Stock

$49.00 Item# 60277


Simplicity! This crystal apple is engaging in its design, even including the stem. This apple can be personalized directly on the side. Weighs 1.7 lbs.

Dimensions: 2.88"W 3.13"H

Red Crystal Apple Award

$149.85 Item# 63631


Stunning Red Crystal Apple atop clear crystal award base.

Crystal Apple Award on Black Base

$80.75 Item# 60754


Companies are increasingly using apple awards to recognize those in the employee health and fitness clubs achieving milestones of performance, weight loss, and even attendance of health programs.

Dimensions: 4.0"W 4.0"H 6.0"L

Crystal Apple Award with Engraving on Base

$59.80 Item# 60753


The Crystal Award features a square crystal base with a apple on the top and fits two to four lines of text comfortably for engraving.

Dimensions: 3.0"W 5.75"H

Crystal Apple Award with Flat Front Engravable Area

$49.95 Item# 62133


A different design with a "slice" of the front of the apple leaving a smooth, flat surface for personalization. Weighs 2.1 lbs.

Dimensions: 3.25"W

Crystal Apple on Black Base

$78.10 Item# 68660


Only two of our crystal apple awards feature red. While most are clear crystal, this model (and one other) have been enhanced with red to more closely resemble the apple.

Crystal Apple Paperweight

$55.95 Item# 68647


Shopping for Crystal Award Apples has led you to Gifts for Professionals. There are so many to choose from and this model features a flat front for personalized engraving!

Crystal Apple with Green Leaf

$55.05 Item# 63621

The distinctive feature of this apple is the green leaf found at the bottom right of the award.

Flat Front Crystal Apple

$33.75 Item# 65445


A fancy award for the teacher, librarian or school administrator.

Dimensions: 3.75"W 3.5"H

Optic Crystal Smooth Apple Paperweight

$38.75 Item# 54167


An apple a day might keep the doctor away but try keeping him away from this great apple paperweight. The medical practice that wants to encourage a healthy diet and inspire patients to eat more fruits and vegetables could display this apple paperweight in its waiting room.

Dimensions: 3.5"W

Optical Crystal Apple Award

$69.00 Item# 30639


Measures 4.5" H and 4" in diameter. Engravable area is 2" x 1.5" maximum.

Crystal Apple with Black Base

$100.50 Item# 55073


The health industry, the food industry and the education profession are three that utilize crystal awards in the shape of an apple. The optical crystal apple sits atop a black 4" x 4 1/2" award base.

About our Crystal Apple Awards

Gifts for Professionals used to think that apple awards for just for retiring teachers but the times have changed and so have the apple awards we think are the pick of the crop! The favorite apple award continues to be a crystal apple award and these great crystal apples vary in shapes and sizes almost as much as a crop of applies picked from a farm. And these apple awards are just as delicious too! With long flat smokey crystal bases for writing a longer message to small apples atop small bases when only a few words are necessary.

As customers inquired about apple awards, we found that these great apple awards are being used for a variety of uses. Most recently, apple awards have become a central part of employee health programs and the apple is the symbol of the often-used expression "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" and businesses are integrating apples into a health and exercise program and also using it as the program's awards and symbol. Can you imagine the hard working employee receiving a crystal apple for losing weight and getting toned? And, let's not forget that dedicated teacher who gets the job done and is being award "Teacher of the Year." Whatever your reason for looking for a bushel of apples. Gifts for Professionals' apples are ripe for the picking!

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