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Crab Gifts

Most of the items available in this collection are either home decor items or glassware items like coffee mugs or double old fashioned glasses. A majority of these are able to be personalized.

Blue Crab Keychain In Stock

$14.10 Item# 65647


Pewter key chain with detailing on both sides. Made in the United States of America.

Alaska King Crab Blue Mug

$30.75 Item# 67315

This 15 ounce Alaskan King Crab ceramic coffee mug is decorated with a fine pewter casting. It is microwaveable and dishwasher safe.

Our Alaska Gifts include more coffee mugs, glassware, and home decorative accessories.

Alaska King Crab Bottle Opener

$17.95 Item# 67312


A crab themed gift that's easy on the wallet! This stainless steel bottle opener features a pewter casting that reads "Alaskan King Crab" with a dash of color.

Alaska King Crab Double Old Fashioned Glass

$27.55 Item# 67317


This 14 ounce double old fashioned glass is the ultimate vessel for your favorite beverage and one of our best crab themed gift items. It is exquisitely detailed with a fine pewter casting. Made in USA.

Alaska King Crab Flask

$39.05 Item# 67318


Personalized crab gifts that are made of stainless steel, such as this 8 ounce flask, are easy to engrave. The personalization process transforms the flask into a keepsake.

Alaska King Crab Glas Mug

$30.75 Item# 67314


Only a few of our personalize crab gifts can be utilized in the kitchen or dining room and then placed into the dishwasher. Our 13 ounce glass mug is one of them.

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Alaska King Crab Glass Decanter

$85.80 Item# 67313


This personalized liquor decanter is just one of over 100 glass decanters we offer in our collection ranging from nautical themes to many others. This one celebrates the Alaskan King Crab.

Alaska King Crab Glass Stein

$33.30 Item# 67322


This 15 ounce glass stein features a fine pewter casting. The details in this 3-d sculpted design are incredible! Made in USA.
See our showcase of Personalized Steins

Alaska King Crab Keychain

$16.65 Item# 67319


Among the most affordable of all our crab related gift items is this pewter keychain. Made in the United States of America.

Alaska King Crab Money Clip

$32.65 Item# 67320


What better gift for him could there be for a man from Alaska? This money clip is made with super spring steel. It will hold one bill or a giant stack! The best looking and functioning clip you will ever own! The fine pewter detail is intricate. Comes with a velour hinged gift box. Made in USA.

Alaska King Crab Red Mug

$30.75 Item# 67316

The King Crab loves the coldest ocean waters which is why they are found in Alaska and also in the waters off Russia. Off the coast of Alaska, fishing for king crabs is a major industry. If you know someone in that industry, our ceramic mug is a way of saying thank you and job well done!

Alaskan King Crab Can Cooler

$34.60 Item# 67211


Stainless Steel, Double Wall Vacuum Can Cooler.
There is a vacuum created between the double wall stainless which prevents transfer of heat and cold. This can cooler is slimmer and more effective.

Blue Crab Bottle Opener

$17.30 Item# 65642


This stainless steel bottle opener adds a touch of blue crab decor to your barware collection. The hole opposite the opener is for hanging on a peg.

Blue Crab Business Card Case

$21.80 Item# 65643

Blue crab business card case makes an occupation gift for the professional crabber or anyone who owns a seafood restaurant.

Blue Crab Christmas Ornament

$19.85 Item# 65648

This fine pewter ornament is detailed on both sides. It comes with satin ribbon and in a window package. Use it on your tree, car mirror, or other applications! Made in USA.

Blue Crab Coffee Mug

$28.80 Item# 66817

We're adding more and more Blue crab gifts. We think this fine pewter emblem showcased on a blue ceramic mug is an ideal combination for anyone searching for crab themed gifts.

Blue Crab Coffee Mug - Clear

$28.80 Item# 65644


16 ounce glass coffee mug is decorated with a blue crab emblem cast from the finest pewter. This crab gift is microwaveable and dishwasher safe.

Blue Crab Double Old Fashioned Glass

$25.60 Item# 65645


This made in the USA double old fashioned glass holds 14 ounces of your favorite spirits! A themed crab gift for decorating your home or business.

Blue Crab Flask

$37.80 Item# 65646


Looking for crab gifts for the outdoorsman? Enjoy drinking from this stainless steel flask while on the go or after returning from an afternoon of crabbing!

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