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Corporate Sales Awards

Corporate Sales Awards are a way to motivate your best sales men and women to continue to meet expectations. Corporate Gifts for Professionals is pleased to offer a variety of engraved sales awards, lapel pins and other gift ideas for any employee recognition program.

Surf's Up Wave Award on Crystal Base In Stock

$140.95 Item# 71115


Rocketing Sales Award

$29.45 Item# 69964


A fun novelty sales award when your sales representatives sales are out of this world... in a galaxy far, far away and headed farther! A great and fun way to award your Sales Professional of the Month with this colorful Rocketing Sales Award when you have a professional who gets the job done! Make this an award that can be passed around for fun or simply, at the affordable price, use it as a monthly or quarterly incentive award! Sales professionals deserve a little pat on the back... why not do it in fun and colorful style! Rocketing sales... coming to a universe near you!

When Pigs Fly Novelty Award

$29.45 Item# 69957


It's not just a Southern expression anymore... most everyone has heard of "when pigs fly..." usually preceded by something like... "He will make his sale quota, when pigs fly." What a fun novelty award for the achievement you don't think is every going to happen from your staff such as meeting their goals, achieving their quotas, coming in last place... again! Whatever fun way you want to rib the staff and enjoy an adorable novelty award, this is the award for you! Take a closer look at Gifts for Professionals special When Pigs Fly Novelty Award ready to make your audience laugh!

Reinventing the Wheel Novelty Award

$25.80 Item# 69953


For those who are creative and always ready to come up with a new solution, this award is specifically designed with you in mind! It's time to "Reinvent the Wheel" and find a better solution, an easier way of doing things, an idea that saves your company or organization or sales team a few dollars.

This attractive novelty award, called the Reinventing the Wheel Award is a fun way to award someone (affordably too!) for coming up with a great idea... like when the wheel was invented!

Measuring 5" H, it is a great conversation piece and makes a wonderful sales team award, motivational award or simply a unique way to say thanks to the person who always has the ideas!

Gemini Sales Leader Award

$277.60 Item# 69189


Companies the need to drive sales are always looking for new ways to recognize those who always hit their quotas. Our Gemini Crystal Award is for the sales star. The right hand side of this piece features a blue border with rising stars!

Crystal Star Awards

Outstanding Achievement in Sales Award

$161.60 Item# 69237


This Outstanding Achievement in Sales Award features red, blue and ambler crystal blocks around the frame alternating with stone. The clear crystal rectangle in the middle is where we engrave an inspirational sales accomplishment award with just the right wording!

Vierra Sales Excellence Crystal Award

$249.70 Item# 69230


This Corporate Sales Award for Sales Excellence is triangular in shape with a wider base that tapers as it rises to its peak. There's room for a corporate logo, award title and employee name!

Crystal Triangle Awards

Sales Performance Crystal Plaque Award

$197.40 Item# 69232


The best design for a Top Sales Award Winner is this optical crystal standing desk plaque with dancing figure. Lots of room for award wording, an inspirational quote and corporate logo.

Optical Crystal Salesperson Award

$211.50 Item# 69198


Clear and blue crystal combine to form this stunning Top Salesperson of the Year Award. Of course, any award title can be etched into this crystal whether its Salesperson of the Month, Quarter or Year!

Sales Awards for International Companies

Three sizes to choose from in our International Sales Award Globe! This lets you give a first place, second place and third place award for the top three sales achievers or to the three strongest divisions during your monthly, quarterly or annual sales achievement award presentation. See related items in our Globe Awards Department.

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