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Coast Guard Graduation Gifts

At Gifts for Professionals, the best engraved gifts have been online since the 1990s. Although graduation gifts have long been part of our offerings, we've just recently added a specific category dedicated to Coast Guard Graduation Gifts after receiving many request from our customers. Browse these select choices and don't forget to also review our entire line of Coast Guard Gifts.

Coast Guard Beer Box Set

$209.30 Item# 68697

Most of the Coast Guard Graduation Gifts you'll find are single items such as one glass with the USCG Emblem. In our collection of USCG Graduation Gift Ideas, we've are proud to feature this Beer Box Set having two glass pilsners and 2 beer steins. Don't but just a single glass when you can get an entire set to show the future Coast Guard member how much you admire them!

Coast Guard Beer Chest Box

$202.25 Item# 68698

This graduation gift set features a pair of pilsner glasses and a pair of glass steins but comes in a nicer "chest box."

Coast Guard Decanter Gift Set

$265.00 Item# 66670

One glass liquor decanter and four double old fashioned glasses make up this gift set. One of our finest Coast Guard Graduation Gifts!

Coast Guard Liquor Decanter Chest Set

$96.00 Item# 68699

The most luxurious of all our Coast Guard Graduation Gifts is this Liquor Decanter Set with four matching glasses.

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