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Coast Guard Desk Accessories

Coast Guard Desk Accessories

Engraved desk accessories created and designed especially and exclusively for members of the United States Coast Guard. Personalization makes these items an even better gift idea!
Set of Four Coast Guard Coasters
Coast Guard Marble Nameplate with Card Holder
Coast Guard Marble Nameplate
Coast Guard Gold Marble Paperweight
U.S. Coast Guard Coaster Set of 6
Coast Guard Black and Gold Marble Paperweight
Commemorative Coast Guard Keepsake Box
Coast Guard Bookends with Bronze Medallions
Coast Guard Double Pen Stand
Coast Guard Double Pen Stand
$82.30 Item# 62832
Coast Guard Marble Double Pen Stand
Coast Guard Mousepad
Coast Guard Mousepad
$12.15 Item# 66130
Coast Guard Sports Award
United States Coast Guard Marble Bookends
Clear "Catch-All" Coast Guard Insignia Box
Coast Guard Business Card Holder
Coast Guard Letter Opener
Coast Guard Letter Opener
$31.40 Item# 65751
Indiwest Business Card Holder
Indiwest Business Card Holder
$41.00 Item# 65750
Coast Guard Salute Frame
Coast Guard Salute Frame
$40.00 Item# 69601

Engraved Desk Accessories for Corporate Gifts

The same beautiful Coast Guard Desk Accessories -- marble nameplates, bookends and paperweights -- are available without the U.S. Coast Guard Insignia. As blank items, they can be engraved with a company logo for a Fortune 500 company or any small business who wants to reward employees and clients. See all of our personalized desk accessories to see whats available and ready to ship!

Coast Guard Gifts for Men

Most of our Coast Guard (U.S.C.G.) gift ideas are loved and appreciated by men. Two accessories that are "guys only" are the Coast Guard Insignia Neckties and Coast Guard Money Clips made of stainless steel & pewter. Consider both of these when shopping for a guys event (birthday or graduation).

U.S.C.G. Money Clip

$36.50 Item# 39207


Coast Guard Neckties In Stock

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