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Personalized Clocks

Personalized Clocks

It's time to recognize that personalized clocks and timepieces are more than just a way to know the time. At Gifts for Professionals, we have found that engraved clocks offer the perfect recognition gift idea for the boss, a special employee or an important client or customer.
Personalized clocks with just a name and engraved clocks with a logo are among our most popular corporate gift ideas. Gifts for Professionals offers a clock and timepiece selection that includes travel clocks, wall clocks, photo frame clock, crystal and glass timepieces, mantle clocks, marble clocks, theme clocks (including the ever-popular golf and occupational clocks) and much more. Whether your budget for an engraved promotional clock is small for a group or large for a special individual, our selection is timed to fit your needs!
Arch Clocks
Arch Clocks
Metal, crystal, rosewood, glass and marble clocks with a distinctive curve design. These arch clocks also come in a variety of sizes from small to large.
Brass Clocks
Captain's Clocks
Captain's Clocks
Captain's clocks are contained inside beautiful wood boxes. Mahogany, rosewood and piano wood surfaces bring elegance to the desk, the bookcase or mantle.
Card Holder Clocks
Card Holder Clocks
Clocks with a built-in slot to display your business cards to customers and prospects who visit your business or executive office suite.
Crystal Clocks
Crystal Clocks
Crystal desk clocks are a luxurious choice for displaying the time. Large clocks for your office and small crystal clocks for your nightstand or other location at home.
Glass Clocks
Glass Clocks
Glass clocks with logo engraving are for employee recognition and appreciation. Choose all glass clocks or timepieces designed with a combination of glass and a rosewood base.
Marble Clocks
Marble Clocks
Marble clocks that are fashioned from quarries in the most exotic locations around the world. Jet black marble clocks and rich green timepieces as well as other colors like amber, white, gray and other combinations.
Metal Clocks
These metal timepieces are a good choice for an engraved clock for employee recognition or corporate gifts.
Miniature Clocks
Miniature Clocks
Fun unique clocks in shapes ranging from roulette tables to automobiles to airplanes. Clock designs for occupations, hobbies, sports and other themes.
Music Theme Clocks
Music Theme Clocks
These clocks are a good gift idea for the musician. We have a clock in the shape of many instruments including the piano, saxophone, violin, harp and drum set.
Sports Clocks
Sports Clocks
Baseball, basketball, bowling football, soccer and tennis clocks for the athlete, coach or sports enthusiast.
Train Clocks
Weather Station Clocks
Weather Station Clocks
Desk and wall weather stations that show the time, temperature and humidity.
Acyrlic Silver Clock
Acrylic Silver Clock
$28.35 Item# 61070
Jade Glass Arch Clock with Gold Face
Duality Business Card Holder/See-Through Digital Clock
Miniature Lighthouse Collectible Clock
Five O'Clock Clock
Five O'Clock Wall Clock
$11.25 Item# 64469
Rectangular Crystal Clock
1.5" D Gold Bezel Roman Numeral Face
Lady Justice Crystal Desktop Clock
Doctor's Rectangular Crystal Clock
Scales of Justice Lawyer Crystal Clock
Mini Captain's Clock with Modern Style Round Clock Face
Heart Shaped Travel Alarm Clock
Heart Shaped Alarm Clock
$13.55 Item# 28984
Glass and Metal Clock
3" D Black Roman Numeral Face
Oval Crystal Clock
Oval Crystal Clock Award
$67.50 Item# 60030
Lady Justice Silver Trimmed Crystal Clock
Zebra Marble Business Card Mini Clock
Lawyer Theme Scales of Justice Glass Clock
Traveling Radio Controlled Clock with AM / FM Radio
Scales of Justice Clock

World Timezone & Weather Station Clocks

A timepiece to let you know what time it is in London, Frankfurt or Hong Kong. Our World Clocks go well in corporations with offices around the world. Remember what time it is where the sales team is located and never miss them again! Find more functions with our Weather Station Clocks that keep you informed of the temperature and barometric pressure.

Miniature Clocks for Corporate Branding

Our Miniature Clock Collection has something for everyone! These timepieces are in the shape of everything from a guitar to an 18-wheeler truck. You'll find airplanes, telephones and pineapples -- all as unique theme timepieces. For a business looking for a unique "corporate branding opportunity," these miniature clocks offer something to think about.

Mantle Clocks Ideal for Achievement Awards

The Gifts for Professionals Timepiece Collection includes some clocks that are designed especially for employee achievement awards. The Mantle Clock is one type of timepiece that is excellent as a retirement gift or for an annual employee award.

Desk Clocks for Every Budget

Our most popular engraved clocks are those for the desktop. There is a desk clock for every budget in our collection starting with our most luxurious crystal clocks as the most expensive and the price drops as you move into other materials such as a engraved glass or acrylic clocks.

Add Your Logo to Any Timepiece

Almost all of our timepieces may be engraved with your logo. In the rare instance the shape of one of our clocks limits engraving options, we have the ability to mount it on an award base and we can do the engraving there. To engrave your logo on one of our clocks, you'll need your logo in a Black & White Vector format as an Adobe Illustrator file.

Personalized Clocks for Personal vs. Business Use

Personalized clocks are for giving a gift to one person. We engrave their first/last name on a clock and its a ready-made, personalized gift. These can be used for personal occasions or corporate recognition. Engraved clocks are where we engrave your logo onto several timepieces. We can also add a different name for each clock with logo.

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