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Christian Coins

These Christian Gifts are affordable, small and easy to always have with you. If you want to give a Christian themed gift idea to someone going away, whether its to college or on deployment in the United States Military, these challenge coins are a great place to start.

Psalm 23 Coin In Stock

$15.50 Item# 70142

What is Love Christian Coin In Stock

$15.50 Item# 70145

7 Days of Creation Coin

$15.50 Item# 70139

Fruit of the Spirit Coin

$15.50 Item# 70144

John 3:16 Coin

$15.50 Item# 70140

Onward Christian Soldier Coin

$15.50 Item# 70143

Put On Armor of God Coin

$15.50 Item# 70146

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