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Personalized Briefcases

What defines a successful business executive than the perfect briefcase? The style, color, and fit of a briefcase or case is uniquely the owners and Gifts for Professionals understands that it's not always about the job you have, the case should define the career you want.

Attache Cases
Attache Cases
An attache case is the "classic" men's briefcase.
Flapover Briefcase
Flapover Briefcase
The flapover design is fashionable among both men and women as its easy to access a tablet or laptop computer.
Leather Briefcases
Leather Briefcases
Shop for leather attache cases, laptop messengers, men's bags, and distressed leather briefcases.
Messenger Bags
Messenger Bags
The messenger bag is one of the most popular briefcase styles.
Rolling Briefcases
Irving Park - Leather Double Compartment Laptop Case
Kenwood - Leather Double Compartment Laptop Case
Associates Portfolio
Multi-Pocket Attache
Multi-Compartment Briefcase
$90.00 Item# 51579
Multi-Pocket Attache Briefcase
Full Grain Leather Computer Messenger
Pearson - Nylon Expandable Double Compartment Briefcase
The Director
The Regency Plus
Cowhide Napa Leather Briefcase Tote
New Englander Briefcase
Laptop Leather Brief Bag
$149.05 Item# 64021
Portfolio W/Shoulder Strap

Duffel Bags

There are so many opportunities to utilize with the Gifts for Professionals Duffel Bag Collection. These duffels can serve as an "overnight bag" for the business executive who has a quick 2 day business trip. These duffles also work as a gym bag for the successful corporate executive who enjoys working out at lunch or after putting in a full day at the office.

Messenger Bags

Messenger bags for your business and personal lifestyle. Our leather messenger bags are incredibly stylish and impressive in design. These would work well as a business accessory for the sales executive frequently visit ion clients at their office. We also have less expensive messenger bags for college students and anyone on a budget who want to enjoy the benefits of this type of case.

Imprinting your Briefcase or Messenger Bag

Imprinting any of out leather bags is done by hot stamping a metal plate of your name into the leather. Debossing is another term for this. We can do this on almost all of our leather briefcases, bags and cases. The font available is Times Roman for this personalization process.

Travel Accessories

Once you've picked out the bag or case to hold your stuff there's always a few travel accessories you'll want to pick up too! Roadside repair kits, currency & voltage convertors and jewelry / valet cases are all part of the best selection of travel accessories online!

Women's Handbags, Purses and other Cases

There's a style or color that any woman will appreciate in our Handbags & Purses for Women. Bright colors, textured patterns and, of course, the sheer luxury of leather among other materials are how these cases for her are designed. Most all of them may be debossed which turns them into a personalized briefcase for her.

Logo Briefcases

Briefcases debossed with corporate logos are good for employee recognition awards. Briefcases can also be debossed with a name to make a perfect personalized gift!

Wheeled Catalog Cases

Small, medium and large version of wheeled catalog cases make it easy to move large amounts of printed, bound materials such as catalogs or library books.

Wheeled Laptop Cases

Carrying a laptop computer with you from meeting to meeting and even out of the office to various presentations can wear you down. But not when you make it easy on yourself and go with a rolling laptop case.

Wheeled Coolers

It's easy to setup for and prepare the company picnic when you utilize these wheeled coolers from Gifts for Professionals.

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