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Personalized Bookends

Corporate Gifts for Professionals brings you dozens of elegant bookends for you to choose from so your bookcase or cadenza will look all the more elegant. Our bookends are part of our collection of desk accessories and employee recognition. Find the best bookends in our collection that match your personality and decorating sensibilities.
Brass Bookends
Brass Bookends
Unique bookend designs from classical artistic inspirations to wildlife and occupation theme bookends.
Golf Bookends
Golf Bookends
Man & woman golf figure bookends in poses ranging from the driving range to the putting green. Also cross golf club marble bookends and more.
Legal Bookends
Legal Bookends
Hold those law journals in place in the firm's conference room or the lawyer's personal office with these scales of justice and lady justice bookends.
Marble Bookends
Marble Bookends
The most elegant marble bookends from Gifts for Professionals. Jet black, zebra black, green and amber marble bookends all with personalized engraving.
Medical Bookends
Medical Bookends
The caduceus medical symbol adorns these fine bookends.
Military Bookends
Military Bookends
Marble Bookends bearing the emblems of the United States Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Air Force & Army. Military gift ideas for birthdays!
Other Bookends
Other Bookends
Metal and wooden bookends ranging from collegiate themes to nautical.
Stock Broker Bookends
Stock Broker Bookends
Stock Brokers from lower Manhattan to the smallest town in rural America will love and appreciate these Bull & Bear themed Marble Bookends. Engrave logos or an individual employee name.
Jet Black Tapered Marble Bookends

Dress Up Your Office with our Corporate Bookends

A Pair of Slanted Marble Bookends adorned with a theme shape or medallion is the consummate desk accessory for many professionals. Gifts for Professionals has dedicated bookends for the doctor, dentist, or U.S. Military officer. There also many artistic bookends in our catalog for animal lovers and sports enthusiasts. Browse the biggest bookend collection online and find the perfect pair and the best desk accessories.

Lighthouse Coasters

Protect your wood surfaces and showcase your love of the Lighthouse with these drink coasters.

Decorative Bookends for Office & Home

For those who enjoy decorating and styling the homes in which they live, decorative bookends are essential home or office accents that bring a room to life and confirm the room projects warmth and style.

It isn’t only the libraries who showcase books! The average home continues to have books as a part of its essential homey touch and a great glimpse into the homeowners themselves. Who doesn’t happen to glance at a bookcase or stack of books in a den and also know that they have glimpsed into the very soul of the reader? Books tell a story and, let’f face it, so do the bookends that hold them.

Gifts for Professionals invites you to journey into our assortment of bookends. In our collection, you are sure to find a gift that both pleases and helps define the book lover. From bookends with Fleur de lis designs, to animal figures, to occupational symbols and more, Gifts for Professionals is ready to help you match the perfect bookends with the not-quite as perfect book lover.

The Quest for the Perfect Pair of Bookends

It’s all in Gifts for Professionals’ quest for the perfect bookend. Of course, our love these decorative accents began with the search for the best occupational bookends. Our customers wanted to decorate their workspace with the symbols of their professions. After we began offering caduceus bookends for doctors and lady justice symbols for lawyers, the net began to widen as we saw so many who love bookends and enjoy choosing bookends that not just define a profession -- although Gifts for Professionals is proud of our assortment -- but also define a personality, a hobby, a dream or an ambition. While the books may tell a story, bookends often tell the book owner’s story... and in wonderful detail.

Take for example, the classic style ornate bookend. Gifts for Professionals offers many ornate style bookends from the Fleur de Lis style bookend to resin intricate design bookends. Perhaps this shows a fancier side to the decor in a home and the even fancier side of its owner. Scroll design style bookends evoke a traditional side to the owner of the bookends and perhaps a love of history.

Sports Themes

Then there are sports themes from classic golf bookends to more modern football teams and collegiate style bookends. Gifts for Professionals knows that the collegiate logos are always popular and offer a glimpse into the loyal support these bookends show the owners feel towards their Alma mater or simply their favorite sports and sports teams. As far as being a decorative bookend, its hard to resist adding a touch of a college themed bookend to his man cave or a man’s den.. not to mention a woman’s study! Go Team!

Animal Lovers

Animal style bookends offer a unique decorative accessory that defines the book collector as a lover of nature, a cat or dog lover, an advocate for a greener environment or simply a hunter! Our ornamental collection of animal themed bookends provide an ocean full of thoughts and looks into the soul of a book owner but most of it must be reduced to the style of animal bookends a book lover chooses. If a cat bookend is in a home, chances are you are sure to see a cat or two wandering the home. If you see a majestic lion, the message is a little less clear. Perhaps your husband loves the majesty of a stunning lion or even thinks of himself as a king of the jungle. Seeing something such as the tusk bookends is sure to signal a hunter is at home while a lighthouse can easily peg a lighthouse lover is in residence.

Decorative bookends tell a less obvious story than the books they hold but the story is more about the owners. When looking for an amazing and unusual gift idea to give a family or a couple celebrating an anniversary, why not consider browsing among the dozens of bookends ready to keep the order on a shelf and the homeowner’s personality on display!

Bookends with Professional Insignias

These Bookends are made from a variety of materials including marble and brass and showcase the professional insignias of several professions. Find Bookends with the Caduceus Symbol for Doctors, the Scales of Justice for Lawyers and more.

Nautical Bookends

Decorate a beach house or even your home in the countryside if you love all things nautical. These bookends feature many nautical themes in their design including lighthouses, anchors, ship's wheels, mermaids and more.

Unique Bookends

These very unusual bookends won't be found in office furniture stores. These are truly unusual and unique bookends designed to go into the homes of professionals who enjoy things just a bit quirky or are looking for some conversation pieces!

Cross Religious Bookends In Stock

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Set of Bookends for Hunters In Stock

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