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Personalized Boating Gifts

Maybe we are biased in our opinion, but we believe this is the best and most complete collection of personalized boating gifts you'll find. Regardless of whether you shop in a retail store, from a print catalog, or online -- Gifts for Professionals is the place for the best personalized boating gifts.

Anchor Keychain

$10.40 Item# 57445


One of our most affordable boating gifts is this polished nickel keychain enhanced with blue coloring that is reminiscent of the ocean.

Personalized Keychains

Anchor Decanter

$84.50 Item# 66551


Stunning boat anchor glass liquor decanter for the onboard bar on your yacht or for the home bar. If you decorate your home with boating decor, this liquor decanter is a must have. The reverse side can be engraved with multiple lines of text making it among our most ideal personalized boating gifts.

Fish Silicone Trivet

$8.00 Item# 69151

Sail Boat Gifts

The sailboat theme is a popular one when searching for personalized boating gifts. Is there a more dedicated boater than the sailor who knows the ocean so well and his boat even better? After growing these featured items, see the complete line of Sail Boat Gifts

Sail Boat Pitcher

Sail Boat Water Pitcher
$46.10 - Item# 68465

Sail Boat Wine Chiller

Sail Boat Wine Chiller
$56.35 - Item# 67250

Sailboat Bottle Stopper

Sail Boat Wine Bottle Stopper
$34.60 - Item# 41490

Sailboat Christmas Ornament

Sail Boat Christmas Tree Ornament
$19.85 - Item# 66398

Sailboat White Coffee Mug

Sail Boat Gift Mug
$28.80 - Item# 67067

Sailboat Coasters

Sail Boat Marble Coaster Set
$46.00 - Item# 61200

Ship's Wheel Gifts

In some ways, the ship's wheel can be considered the flagship theme in personalized boating gifts. Every seagoing vessel has a ship's wheel after all. From large sailboats and yachts to speedboats, the ship's wheel is what every captain depends on the steer home. Here are our featured items in this theme and we also invite you to pursue the entire catalog of Ship's Wheel Gifts offered at Gifts for Professionals.


Ship's Wheel Keychain
$9.60 - Item# 57447

Ship's Wheel Shot Glass

Boating Theme Shot Glass
$13.45 - Item# 66632

Ship's Wheel Glass Stein

Boating Theme Beer Stein
$31.40 - Item# 66633

Ship's Wheel Ornament

Boating Theme Christmas Ornament
$19.85 - Item# 66630

Ships Wheel Glass Mug

Boating Gift Mug
$28.80 - Item# 66628

Ship's Wheel Nautical Clock

Boating Wheel Desk Clock
$34.40 - Item# 61267

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