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Blue Accent Crystal Awards

Hundreds of crystal pieces make up our selection. Larger than most other collections from other award companies, our crystal awards collection has many unique pieces. These recognition awards feature clear crystal with blue accents.

Vernita Indigo Peak Crystal Award In Stock

$112.80 Item# 70225


Optical Cut Crystal Leadership Award Figure

$200.50 Item# 60356


This beautiful and unusual Optical Cut Crystal Leadership Engraved Award features an optical crystal figure who is standing tall and ready to lead the team of professionals. Weighing 4 lbs, this piece rises to 10.25" in height.

Crystal Tower with Blue Globe Recognition Award

$87.50 Item# 64955


Take a look at this special globe award. The first Crystal Tower Globe Award featuring a blue globe on the top of the tower. Stands 8" tall and weighs 5 lbs.

Crystal Wave with Black Accent Award

$119.00 Item# 65034


The award measures a tall 10" H and features two areas that can be engraved. The clear crystal part at 6.5" H and the black crystal area at an additional 3.25" H. Some customers add a logo to the black area to assist it in standing out

Diamond Blue and Clear Pedestal Crystal Award

$143.50 Item# 65033

Crystal diamond approximately 5.75" x 7" and is .75" thick and the base is about 2" x 4.675" at the top and 3" x 6" at the bottom. This crystal diamond has an overall height of 10" H and comes in a blue gift box with black lining. Perfect for your next award ceremony!

Round Faceted Crystal Award

$78.75 Item# 65100


Simple elegance crystal award with an etching area of just over 3" on the main award. An additional engraving area is on the base. Height: 5.25"

Crystal Clear & Blue Award

$213.85 Item# 69362


Employee crystal awards do not get any better or any more spectacular than this masterpiece! When saying Thank You requires the best employee gift possible, this clear award with hues of blue is the only way to go!

Blue and Clear Crystal Pinnacle Achievement Award

$178.50 Item# 64382


An award fitting for those in the corporate world who've achieved the heights of success. Features a black crystal base with side "stairs" climbing up either side in blue crystal with the center a clear crystal pinnacle. Called a "Cathedral style" award by the manufacturers, this stunning pinnacle award rises to 13.5" tall and offers ample engraving area. Weighs 8.5 lbs.

Blue Crystal Diamond Award

$117.15 Item# 63527


Training sales people to be better is the calling of each and every sales manager. Decades of research into human behavior has proven that when an excellent work ethic is achieved, it should be recognized. This motivates the employee to continue their good habits and motivates those around him to strive to do better. This crystal blue diamond is up to the task of inspiring any sales department. Dimensions: 8.75" high x 5.25" w.

Weighs 5 lbs.

Crystal Award with Blue Edge & Curved Top

$153.00 Item# 63529


Have you ever laid your eyes on an award with a curved top like this? The word "unique" doesn't adequately describe this award. Unusual is certainly a way to describe it and its for the unusual employee who has talent and a winning personality that is a valuable asset to the firm.

Crystal Pinnacle of Achievement Award - Medium

$171.00 Item# 61295


A blue accent crystal award for those whose achievements are always the peak of the summit while the rest of the staff is still climbing. Dimensions: 9" high Weighs: 5 lbs.

Crystal Teamwork Abstract Rowers Award

$246.00 Item# 61653


Teamwork means working together. In the business world, this is paramount to reaching the results set by upper management. This 3-figure Rowers Award weighs 7 lbs and is a visual testament to working together. It rises to 10" tall.

Faceted Crystal Obelisk Pinnacle of Achievement Award - Large

$205.50 Item# 61296


When employees reach that special summit of performance, it is appropriate to honor them with this Faceted Obelisk on Blue Base (smaller size also available).
11" high and weighs 6.4 lbs.

Modern Crystal Star Achievement Award

$201.85 Item# 60291


A recognition star for the star performer on your team. 7.5" high x 5.75" w and weighing in at 5 lbs.

Optical Crystal Award with Blue Accent - Large

$162.00 Item# 56568


Encourage your top performers to stay on board by honoring their accomplishments. This 9.25" tall crystal award with blue edge allows much room for showcasing the employee name, accomplishment and a short inspirational message.

Optical Crystal Award with Blue Accent - Medium

$150.00 Item# 56560


Managers foster an atmosphere of success with employee recognition events. Its when peers celebrate when one of their own outshines them by exceeding the goals established. Fine crystal awards such as this 8.25" high blue accent award are crafted for such occasions.

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