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Birdhouse Gifts

Many people enjoy placing a birdhouse or a bird feeder outside their home so they can enjoy watching one of nature's most interesting animals -- the bird! Gifts for Professionals brings you a selection of birdhouse decor for your kitchen and the rest of your home with these items....

Birdhouse Business Card Case

$21.80 Item# 68211


This woman's card case is fashioned in stainless steel and featuring a pewter emblem of a birdhouse. It's for the woman who is claiming the corporate ladder during the week but on the weekend likes to find herself out in nature doing some hiking, bird watching and enjoying life to the fullest!

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Birdhouse Christmas Ornament

$19.85 Item# 66344

This fine birdhouse theme pewter Christmas ornament comes with red ribbon. Place it on your Christmas tree this season or get creative and use it year round in a variety of places! This birdhouse ornament is made in USA.

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Birdhouse Cobalt Blue Mug

$28.80 Item# 68213

Store this 15 ounce birdhouse mug in the kitchen cabinet when your not starting your day with black coffee. Even after drinking one cup of coffee, you may want another before venturing out for a morning of bird watching.

Birdhouse Coffee Mug

$28.80 Item# 66800


It is reasonable to think any bird watcher would love this personalized mug. The breakthrough design is fashioned with the woman in mind. Up to three lines of personalized text may be engraved on the reverse side of the glass mug.

Engraved Glass Coffee Mugs

Birdhouse Double Old Fashioned Glass

$25.60 Item# 68215


At the same time we tailor certain birdhouse gifts for women, we've also fashioned a few of them specifically with the man in mind. This double old fashioned glass is for the gentleman who has his own home bar and loves to entertain and tell stories of his bird watching adventures.

Birdhouse Goblet Glasses

$35.85 Item# 68216


A couples gift for the man and woman who share the hobby of watching birds. This is a set of two 12 ounce glass goblets with a fine pewter logo medallion bonded to the side. It could be used to serve water, wine or other beverages. Made in USA.

Birdhouse Green Mug

$28.80 Item# 68214

With this 15 oz. ceramic mug on your kitchen counter, everyone will know you love birdwatching!

Birdhouse Keychain

$14.10 Item# 68217


This key chain is cast in solid fine pewter and is detailed on both sides. Upgraded with a flat polished split ring. Made in USA. Finding cute keychains for women is easy when you start your search here. This birdhouse keychain is one of the many options you have for finding the right inexpensive gift idea for her.

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Birdhouse Pitcher

$46.10 Item# 68232

Birdhouse Salt & Pepper Shakers

$26.90 Item# 67780

These salt and pepper shakers are evidence that our website has the best birdhouse decor for the kitchen. Enjoy serving dinner to all of your friends who share your fascination of birdwatching with these decorative items. Your company will be very impressed!

Birdhouse Stein

$31.40 Item# 68218


As your birdhouse kitchen decor collection grows, you'll want to add a glass stein. This type of glass remains a staple of glassware collections worldwide. Guys love the large handle and it gives them an easy way to grab the glass and enjoy 15 ounces of their favorite drink!

Birdhouse Theme Liquor Decanter

$84.50 Item# 68212


Evolving our glassware and barware collection has been a longtime goal. This year, we introduce this Birdhouse Decor Decanter for your home bar! Holds 24 ounces.

Engraved Decanters

Birdhouse Thermos

$53.15 Item# 67718

Most of our birdhouse decor is for your kitchen or somewhere in your home. But this thermos can go with you on the morning you embark on a day of birdwatching. Bring along water, coffee, tea, lemonade or the beverage of your choice!

Birdhouse Travel Mug

$32.00 Item# 68219


From a design standpoint, this stainless steel mug is perfect. Not only does it look great, but its double wall stainless steel design provides plenty of insulation to keep your beverage warm (or cold)!

Birdhouse Water Bottle

$25.00 Item# 68220


This 20-ounce stainless steel water bottle is one of our two birdwatching gifts that can go with you to see cardinals, sparrows, hummingbirds or whatever birds you are looking for today!

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