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Basketball Desk Accessories

In recent years, there's been a new trend in giving basketball gifts. Rather than giving a trophy to a coach or star player, many are turning to basketball desk accessories for a more practical gift idea and a more classy one too!

Basketball Lover's Frame In Stock

$15.00 Item# 53070

A sports frame makes the perfect gift idea for anyone who loves sports. And this great pewter frame is especially wonderful to the basketball player! Why not end the season with a 3.5" x 3.5" shot of your star basketball player placed inside this great frame?

The round pewter frame includes many items from the life of a basketball player. Of course there's the basketball, the net and backboard and a women's basketball jersey and pair of shoes. There's also a referee whistle as well as something every basketball player strives to win -- a trophy!

Basketball Paperweight In Stock

$20.30 Item# 66962


Basketball gifts not for the court but for the office. This exquisite crystal paperweight should be on the desk of every coach whether they lead an NBA team, college team or high school team.

Crystal Basketball Pen Stand In Stock

$55.45 Item# 60729


The NBA Fan will love this Basketball Pen Stand made of fine crystal! A corporate gift for a sports theme business such as a sporting goods store, a basketball promotional products manufacturer or just any executive who loves the NBA!

Crystal is an exquisite material reserved for those with only the finest tastes. For the executive with refined personal tastes and fastidious requirements, this Crystal Desk Pen Stand meets every expectation. It's a high quality corporate gift with a basketball theme. Ready for engraving which goes on the slanted area on the very front of the basketball desk pen stand.

Crystal Basketball Paperweight In Stock

$27.00 Item# 52196


At Gifts for Professionals, we bring elegance to our basketball desk accessories. There's no material quite like crystal for decorating a home or office and this piece is stunning. Use as home decor item or a basketball trophy.

Find dozens and dozens of Personalized Crystal Paperweights for gift-giving occasions.

Basketball Game Magnetic Sculpture

$17.90 Item# 66150


Whether you want a toy for the young basketball player or a desktop executive gift for the big boy who plays basketball games after work, this fun desk and home accessory is the perfect gift for the young and young at heart! Originally developed as a gift idea for those promoting basketball leagues, it has quickly become a fun part of our Magnetic Sculpture Line featuring fun different magnetic pieces that offer a great diversion when on the phone or even in a boring meeting.

Pick the players up from the magnetic base, rearrange them, position them again, move the figures around... or just let your office visitors do it! Two teams pictured and these magnetic sculptures are a fun gift for any occasion! Consider this attractive and affordable fun Basketball Magnetic Sculpture Desk Accessory for the executive who needs to play a little ball and relax... even at the desk!

Basketball Magnetic Sculpture Block

$16.80 Item# 61629


We believe magnetic sculptures are the most fun basketball desk accessories! A simple Basketball Lover's Magnetic Sculpture Block Toy offers a fun way to get out those frustrations, help pass the time at a coach's meeting that is too boring for words, or assures you have something to do while you plot your strategy for the next game... whether in the boardroom or on the court!

More Magnetic Desk Sculptures.

Basketball Shaped Sports Piggy Bank

$14.20 Item# 45050


A basketball shaped piggy bank that is sure to please that future ball player who has just joined his first team! Why not give this bank personalized with a name or initials for that newborn baby gift. Personalized baby gifts continue to be great sellers at Gifts for Professionals since every office has staff and every staff is having a happy event... including babies being born!

Basketball Sports Theme Piggy Bank

$16.80 Item# 54346

Whether looking for a gift idea for the basketball fan or for a young child first joining the basketball team, this great baseketball bank is a perfect piggy bank!

Measures 5.5" D and made of hand painted ceramic.

Leather Sports Basketball Ballpoint Pen

$13.15 Item# 32024


Our leather sports ballpoint pen with Basketball Theme is a gift any basketball player will love. Maybe one of your coworkers goes to the gym during lunch everyday for a game with other corporate executives. If that is the case, then this Basketball Pen would be an ideal corporate gift.

This basketball pen could be given to the high school basketball coach or the YMCA coach who dedicates time to teaching the basics of basketball to young players.

And of course, this basketball pen can be given to any NBA fan to use in personal or business settings!

Basketball Block

$12.60 Item# 68476


This 3-D Basketball Desk Accessory doubles as a team or player award when you engrave the bottom area!

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