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Ballpoint Pens

Ballpoint Pens

The fine writing instruments from Gifts for Professionals make great personalized gifts and there is no minimum order for engraving! Find just the right engraved pen, fountain pen, or rollerball pen and you have a business gift for boss, co-worker or business acquaintance.
Stylus Pen
Satin Finish Metal Pen - Black Ink
One Rollerball and One Ballpoint Pen Refill for Pen Sets
Arrow Clip 3pc Letter Set
Alligator Pen
Brass Ballpoint & Roller Ball Pen Gift Set
Epic Ball Pen-Two Tone Blue/Black - Ballpoint Pen
Brushed Silver Ballpoint Pen
$12.00 Item# 64533
Bone Shaped Ballpoint Pen
Bone Shaped Ballpoint Pen
$6.60 Item# 40094
Black Ballpoint Pen and Roller Ball Pen Set
NIckel Letter Opener, Ballpoint Pen and Roller Ball Pen Set
Classic Grip Click Pen - Blue Ballpoint Pen
Glendale 3 Piece Gift Set Pen/ Card Case/ KC
Black Leather Barrel Ballpoint Pen
Panther Ballpoint
Assorted Pen Set - Dancer
Hot Pink Charm Ballerina Ballpoint Pen
Etched Design Pen with Black or White Squares
Black Executive Ballpoint Pen
Black Executive Ballpoint Pen
$14.00 Item# 32023
Purple Charm Tap Dancer Ballpoint Pen

Ballpoint Pen & Pencil Sets

A matching ballpoint pen and mechanical pencil.

Black Ballpoint Pens

The most standard pen color is black and the most standard pen type is the ballpoint. Find the beginnings of writing with a fine instrument with our Black Ballpoint Pens

Designer Ballpoint Pens

One glance at these designer writers will impress anyone viewing the desk accessories in your office. From the "Treble Clef" music scale to some of nature's most interesting creatures, these designer ballpoint pens are a sure conversation starter.

Marble Style Ballpoint Pens

The swirls of colors and patterns typically found on marble countertops in a fine home or office are now available on these select Ballpoint Pens from Gifts for Professionals.

Ballpoint Pen with Necklace

Never lose your ballpoint pen again with these "around the neck" writing tools popular among nurses and many other professionals.

History of the Ballpoint Pen

Did you know the ballpoint pen was invented in 1938? It's true! A journalist from Hungary, Laszlo Biro, noticed that newspaper ink dried quickly. He then took the challenge to develop a pen that would deposit ink onto paper so that it dried quickly and wouldn't smudge. Sure enough, he was successful and that's why today we can offer you the best ball point pen.

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