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Shop for backpacks of every kind -- whether you need a leather backpack, student backpack or travel bag. Part of our briefcase and bag collection from Gifts for Professionals, our backpacks are the best available. Also find the best tote bags and messenger bags.
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Travel Backpacks

Backpacks for Travel
A backpack for overnight travel might be the lightest way to carry a change of clothes, toiletries, and a few odds and ends. Imagine how much easier it will be to go through the airport if you don't check any of your bags. Keep all of your travel accessories with you and get to your destination much faster!

Leather Backpacks

The most chic way to carry your extremely important essentials to make it through the work day is inside a leather backpack from Gifts for Professionals. High class executives and even college students love to carry our leather bags and cases. It's a way of keeping your mobile phone, notebook computer, pens, pencils, books, calculators, ebook readers and even a snack handy and with you at all times.

Laptop Backpacks

Find a backpack specifically designed to hold your laptop computer. Most of our backpacks will fit a laptop, depending on what size notebook you carry with you on the go. For the smaller type 11" and 13" laptop sizes, many of our backpacks can fit a laptop inside. Check out our Laptop Backpacks and be sure the check the dimensions on each backpack product detail page.

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