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Attache Cases

Attache Cases

For shoppers seeking the best in leather business cases and leather goods, Gifts for Professionals is the place to look. Our attache case collection is synonymous with luxury, performance and style. Designs range from classic to contemporary, giving our products their distinctive custom-made appeal. Also shop for the perfect duffel bag, messenger bag or tote bag!
The Associate Attache Case
Expandable Top Grain Leather Attache
Leather 4.5" Expandable Attache Briefcase

Attache Case - The Classic Briefcase

It's a classic! Timeless and still popular today, the attaché case is a sturdy briefcase designed to transport and protect its contents, whether they be important documents and personal financial matters. The attaché case also keeps things secured since almost all of them come with a combination lock or keyed entry.

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