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Art Sculpture Awards

Acceptance Rainbow of Colors Award

$189.95 Item# 59688


For those who work for justice, acceptance becomes critical for the growth and development of a tolerant society. That is why Gifts for Professionals is so pleased to invite you to consider this gorgeous Acceptance Rainbow of Colors Recognition Award as a special way to honor those whose contribution to diversity and tolerance.

Height: 16"

Fire In the Belly Inspirational Flame Award

$176.00 Item# 60147


For the best and the brightest among your team, this flame theme firefighter award is an art glass piece featuring a beautiful black and red flame "shooting up" more than 16" H! A wonderful way to award those also in the fire fighting industry.

Art Glass Colorful Sculpture Award Vase

$118.15 Item# 60068


This beautiful art sculpture award is a piece of art and its a vase. It's also a hand-blown recognition award piece and every award is unique.

Celebrate Hope Award

$54.60 Item# 56828


Hand Blown Art Glass Designer Award Vase

$81.95 Item# 60067


Take a closer look at this stunning art sculpture vase suitable for personalization. This beautiful Hand Blown Art Glass Designer Award Vase features gorgeous colors of cobalt blue, light blue, pink and green inter-spaced with clear glass to define the lines and make each one stand out. This art piece is a wonderful award in itself and can be purchased as is or with an award base.

Vibrant Green Art Glass Vase

$118.30 Item# 56528

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