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Art Sculpture Awards

Trail Blazer Achievement Art Sculpture Award - 17" H In Stock

$247.50 Item# 53656


Imagine the possibilities when you set your own destiny and chart your own course. That's what this amazingly marvelous award is all about. It's for the dreamers who set to get the job done, those who lead the pack while others are still finding a direction, and for those who are the true trail blazers among the achievers.

Abstract Globe Unity Award In Stock

$92.75 Item# 63243


On Fire Achievement Art Glass Award In Stock

$78.65 Item# 63241


Award Globe with Blue, White & Gold Swirls In Stock

$50.95 Item# 61114


Art Sculpture Blue Globe ready for engraving that special message which will motivate and inspire your employee! Made of a rich cobalt blue with gold and white metallic highlights.

Blue Starfish Nautical Art Sculpture Recognition Award In Stock

$56.95 Item# 62691


Whether you consider this a fun star award for someone who shines on their own terms or simply love this as a type of nautical style award, this stunningly bright Blue Art Sculpture Award is for the best among your staff or volunteers.

Dimensions: 5.13"W 6.75"H

Blue Oval Swirl Art Glass Award In Stock

$52.20 Item# 60150


Colorful Diversity Award

$275.50 Item# 31319

Acceptance Rainbow of Colors Award

$189.95 Item# 59688


For those who work for justice, acceptance becomes critical for the growth and development of a tolerant society. That is why Gifts for Professionals is so pleased to invite you to consider this gorgeous Acceptance Rainbow of Colors Recognition Award as a special way to honor those whose contribution to diversity and tolerance.

Height: 16"

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