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Art Sculpture Awards

For the designer in each of us, why settle for the same standard awards when you can assure achievement is recognized in style with style! Browse the collection of Art Sculpture Awards from Gifts for Professionals for a taste of truly original designer awards with a flair for the dramatic and a taste of tree excellence! Use your imagination in naming and claiming the art awards Gifts for Professionals offers!

Upward and Successful Miniature Art Sculpture Award In Stock

$32.00 Item# 60316


This artistic award consists of an S -- symbolizing success -- built around an arrow in brownish gold hues reaching upward for the next success to be achieved! The award comes together to form one beautiful abstract art piece. It
measures 6" high.

Swirl Everlasting Miniature Circle Art Sculpture Award In Stock

$28.00 Item# 60315


Business leaders concerned about the bottom line and finding new ways to hold down costs love our miniature line of art sculpture awards. When the budget-minded corporation has a limited budget but still wants to do recognition the right way. The Swirl Everlasting Miniature Circle Art Sculpture Award measures 4.5" H with a clear swirl featuring a thin blue line on the edge. The black award base offers room for about two lines of text.

Reaching High Inspirational Art Sculpture Award In Stock

$111.80 Item# 60138


This exquisite Reaching High Inspirational Art Sculpture Award combines color, affordability and style. A beautiful way to decorate the office.

Dimensions: 8.0"W 14.0"L

Spira Art Glass Award In Stock

$53.05 Item# 59763


Together We Can Miniature Achievement Art Sculpture In Stock

$32.00 Item# 60313


Save a few dollars without compromising the look or style of an award. This small swirling award, called the Together We Can Miniature Achievement Award measures 6" H and features room for two short lines on a metal plate. A wonderful runner up award when you know you want to give someone recognition without spending too much money.

Golden When Pigs Fly Achievement Award In Stock

$51.45 Item# 64471


Have you ever heard your boss predict that it won't happen "until pigs fly." What about those times where something seemingly impossible occurs and it stuns the entire office or organization that the impossible has been achieved. That's why this fun award is going to be a hit at any awards presentation!

Meditation Sculpture Award In Stock

$51.25 Item# 64231


This superb abstract design of a sculpture showing someone meditating in the lotus position is made of shiny silver-colored aluminum on a black wooden base. This piece is perfect for displaying your inner zen but, imagine the possibilities! Our customers love this as a great award for the deep thinker in your organization.

Dimensions: 7.0"W 11.0"H

Art Glass Colorful Sculpture Award Vase In Stock

$120.80 Item# 60068


This beautiful art sculpture award is a piece of art and its a vase. It's also a hand-blown recognition award piece and every award is unique.

Hand Blown Art Glass Designer Award Vase In Stock

$81.95 Item# 60067


Take a closer look at this stunning art sculpture vase suitable for personalization. This beautiful Hand Blown Art Glass Designer Award Vase features gorgeous colors of cobalt blue, light blue, pink and green inter-spaced with clear glass to define the lines and make each one stand out. This art piece is a wonderful award in itself and can be purchased as is or with an award base.

Stylish Environmentalist Nature Award In Stock

$81.55 Item# 60515


A touch of nature with a stylish twist in sophistocated colors and a unique style, this unusual Silver Leaf Award on Black Base offers a stylish environmental award. For the neighborhood leader organizing a group to clean up the streets, it's a great thank you gift. A great environmental award for professionals who work at protecting the forest.

Dimensions: 5.0"W 17.0"H

Art Glass Sculpture Blue Flame In Stock

$348.60 Item# 61468


Whether you work for a gas company and love the blue flame concept, have corporate colors that include blue, or simply want a flame award showing those who lead the way with their intensity and burning desire to do a wonderful and superior job, then look no further!

Measures 10.5" in height.

More About Art Sculpture Awards

In selecting any of the Gifts for Professionals art sculpture glass and crystal pieces, it is important to keep in mind that slight variations in design and shape occur. While each picture is designed to show the spirit of the award, it is important to know that slight imperfections are present in the creation of these beautiful pieces. Each design is assured a bit of its own originality and these variations and imperfections are a part of creating works of art and not simply awards.

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